Just a few moments on one of the latest popular consoles is enough to give anyone a quick hint at how far gaming tech has come in such a short space of time. It’s quite staggering how much information can be crammed into the modern day machines and how quickly gaming tech is evolving. One of the most immediately recognisable changes can be seen in the quality of the graphics but there’s lots more going on in the background which is helping the gamer have the most immersive experience possible.

Augmented Reality

This tech has the ability to superimpose a computer-generated image onto a user’s real view of the world and there are significant benefits to all industries with the arrival of AR. Gaming is certainly one of them and when Pokémon Go became the most profitable app in 2016, it had racked up over 750 million downloads in that single year.

Virtual Reality (VR)

This is the next dimension in gaming and it’s getting more and more accessible with the release of an ever increasing number of titles which have VR support. The tech actually gives the player the opportunity to lose themselves in their headset world before returning to the real one. For right now at least the tech is in its infancy but there’s lots of experimentation and snippets of games are being released on Steam. The tech gives game developers the very real opportunity of producing ground breaking games.

UX Design in Online Gaming

When it comes to online gaming another the trend continues to be centred on improvements in UX design and companies are working hard to stay fresh in an ever evolving industry. Scott Manford is the founder of popular gaming site Megareel. He’s sure the investments they continue to make in the business will future proof the site.

He said, “It’s really important to keep up to date with the latest trends in online gaming because the industry continues to change so rapidly. We make sure our platform remains at the cutting edge because we’ve lots of competitors. It makes sense to ensure the site is as attractive as it can possibly be so to make sure we attract new customers and retain loyal ones.We invest heavily in UX Design”

Facial Recognition

3D scanning and facial recognition technology has allowed systems to seamlessly create your likeness in the gaming world. Fascinatingly, a new camera by Intel could actually allow developers to create games that adapt to the emotions of the gamer by scanning 78 different points on a person’s face.

Voice Recognition

It’s true that voice controlled gaming has been around for a while, but it’s actually only recently that its potential has finally caught up with the dream. Modern computers are now easily able to recognise voice commands from the user meaning you can now use voice commands to control gameplay, interact on social media, play selections from your media library and search the web.