I do love an info-graphic, such an easy & fun way of presenting facts & figures, and this one caught my eye when it landed in my mail box. Eating out at restaurants has never been more affordable. 2 for 1, all you can eat buffets and I’m sure a McDonalds happy meal is still less than ¬£3, but the way we select, order and pay for our meals hasn’t really changed in quite some time. There are just a handful of high street chains that are using technology in their restaurants, allowing customers more flexibility, it may even lead to less humans and more robots workers…

This info-graphic below details what tech us Brits want to see when we’re eating out. The guys over at OnBuy.com surveyed over 1500 people on their attitudes towards restaurant technologies. At the top of the list for the tech that Brits have experienced show far, it was self-order kiosks. If you’ve been to a McDonalds recently, you will know what I mean. Other tech includes mobile/app food ordering and at-table food ordering.

Moving further down the graphic, it starts to get a little more interesting, with 71% expecting restaurants to utilise new tech, which will put pressure on smaller businesses to obtain that technology & infrastructure. It comes as no surprise that people want in-table games to play while they wait for their food and some even want to use facial or fingerprint recognition for payments. That will be the future.

Anyway, take a look, are you as intrigued as I am? Do you agree?