Cello W3203SH 32″ Gaming Monitor Review

I wouldn’t blame you if you had never heard of the brand Cello. We only really discovered their existence at the 2018 IFA convention in Germany. They’re a UK based technology manufacturer who specialise in televisions. But now they’ve added gaming monitors to their lineup, and we’ve been given the chance to check out their new Cello W3203SH gaming monitor.

The Cello W3203SH is a 32-inch gaming monitor that actually looks quite smart when sitting on your desk. The bezel is very minimalistic coming in at well under an inch. It’s matte black too which doesn’t reflect too much if there is sun shining through your window. It’s opted for an easy to use joystick type nub for navigating menus which I absolutely love and saves a lot of time when getting to a particular setting you’re looking for.

On the back is a fairly minimal interface, featuring a single HDMI input and Display Port. There is also a DVI input if that’s your thing as well as a 3.5mm auxiliary input for audio. The monitor sits on a fairly sturdy stand, with long skinny metal legs and a cable tidy on the back. It’s not going anywhere if you accidently nudge your desk. There’s a blue light that emits from the bottom when on, and it flashes red when in standby mode.

The monitor uses a 1080p panel, although the specification online states that it can create an image with a 4K resolution which is more than likely upscaled, as when I set my Windows resolution to 3840 x 2160, my mouse cursor stayed huge! A standard 1080p resolution works for me though as I don’t have the most powerful PC on the market, and I also stream and have found my streams more stable at 1080p. The screen uses ELED technology, which unfortunately means that the backlight is around the edge of the monitor.

The Cello W3203SH 32″ Gaming Monitor also gives you a 5ms response time and a 144Hz refresh rate so you eSports players out there may find this monitor a hindrance to your fast reaction times. But if you’re a casual like me who like to relax while playing games, and are not necessarily in it to win it, the Cello W3203SH will be fine.

There’s a 3000:1 contrast ratio meaning you will get some nice decent colour reproduction. The colour gamut that Cello are claiming their monitor hits is TYP:72%. The backlight is flicker free too to save your eyes from strain, which is created from such a high refresh rate on the monitor.

But how does it perform in the real world? Fairly well actually. As I said above I’m not a huge eSports title gamer, and mainly play games casually. The highest moving video I’ve played recently has been Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4. I was very impressed with how this monitor rendered the image, and was also pleased with how smooth the game actually looked, especially when I was zipping through New York City. Even when switching over to some Wolfenstein Youngblood, the colour reproduction looked great, especially in darker areas.

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Cello W3203SH 32" Gaming Monitor Review
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