The MagPod from STM Goods is a handy little 2 in 1 phone stand for your iPhone. This uses MagSafe technology so it is suitable for your iPhone only. It comes in two colours, black or white and over the past few weeks, its come in quite handy when creating video content.

Simple and effective design. It looks a bit like a giant Tic Tac, with the MagSafe swivel head to the very top, it’s a grip as you move your hand down and then you can move the three legs apart at the bottom to turn it into a stand.

As a handle, it’s a good weight and thickness, it’s easy to hold and this is how I imagine using it for vlogging, and shooting video content (having your phone attached to something and holding that, always provides a bit of stabilisation) and/or, you’re at the Taylor Swift concert and want to get your phone that little bit higher than everyone else to get a good shot.

As a tripod, really handy and useful. The phone is sturdy and the swivel heads provide just about enough rotation to get the angle you want. I used this more often than not for video calls for work and also shooting B roll for YouTube shorts.


It’s so easy to use, it’s lightweight and compact, put it in your backpack or perhaps even your pocket and take it wherever you go. It currently retails for $50, slightly less at some retailers so shop around. If this didn’t have MagSafe I’d say that price tag was a tad steep but the MagSafe makes it worth it.

For more info, head over to the official STM Goods website.