You’ve heard of pop sockets, right? I’m not a huge fan but they’re everywhere, I see them on so many phones and I get it. It can make it more comfortable to hold your phone and more often than not, you can fiddle with it too like a fidget thing.

Anyway, STM Goods have something similar called the MagLoop. It’s a 3 in 1 device, providing a way to hold your phone, stand it up and also, it’s a bottle opener, because, why not.


It’s a small, circular device, with a plastic and metal construction, and attaches to your phone via MagSafe, so this is for iPhone users only. MagSafe is great, it’s easy and provides a clean approach to attaching various things to the back of your phone.


Attach it to your phone and then put your finger through the circular rubber section. This is your pop socket-like handle, adding security and comfort while holding your phone. Pull the hard circular section out and that’s your stand. Set your phone on the side and watch some content in landscape mode, hands-free. Lastly, take the device off your phone completely, grab a bottle of your favorite beverage with a bottle top, and then take that top off using the metal part of the device. You cant use the bottle opener while it’s attached to your phone.

Secure enough via MagSafe, small enough so it isn’t really noticeable in your pocket, and very affordable. I’ve seen these online for less than ¬£15, which is a pretty good deal.

For more info, head over to the official STM Goods website.