Healthy sleep, healthy mind, that’s the tag line for the Soundasleep Bluetooth speaker pillow, and I completely agree with that. Sleeping, or sleeping well, is an issue for many, many people, and considering we spend something like half our lives sleeping, you want to be comfortable, enjoy it and wake up as fresh as a daisy. Well with Soundasleep’s new smart pillow, it should be making it easier for those that struggle to sleep, to get a good nights sleep.

It is exactly what it says on the box, it is a pillow, with a built in Bluetooth speaker, which you can connect to your smart device and play music through. But thanks to the Soundasleep app, it’s got a few added features that will appeal to a lot of people.

Before we get into the tech, lets just look at the pillow itself. It’s a standard sized pillow, at 68cm x 44cm and is made from polyester hollowfibre filling & polyester microfibre cover. To the top left hand side of the pillow is a small zip, which houses the micro USB cable required to charge the pillow. Near the zip, is a small box inside the pillow, with a single button, which when held down for 3 seconds, turns the pillow on or off. To achieve the audio, there is a small speaker within the pillow, which can be found if you try hard enough with your hands, but cant be felt when your head hits the pillow. It’s a very plump and firm pillow.


Onto the tech side, you need to initially charge the pillow, via the USB cable for 3 to 4 hours. Once charged, you can pair the pillow to your smart device, just like you would any other Bluetooth product. This then allows you to play music through the pillow, via your smart device. Playback time is only about 8 hours, so it may need charging often.

Taking it a step further, you need to download the free Soundasleep on your smart device, which then opens up the pillows true features. Via the app, you can play the music of your choice, but also various sounds or songs provided for free, that may assist with you falling to sleep. These include meditation tracks, natural sounds like a crackling fireplace or heavy rain, white noise sounds like a hair dryer or city ambiance, plus a few more. The app also allows you to set your morning alarms, which is handy.

The app also tracks your sleeping patterns, how well you’ve slept, and documents this, so you can see what makes you sleep the best, so you know for your next sleep. It can also monitor your snoring and if your snoring hits a certain level, the pillow can make an alert sound, with the aim of waking you up and stopping you from snoring. But how well does that work…

For the snoring function, you need to set a sensitivity level out of 100, which will trigger the alert. So if you set the level to 70 and you snore louder than 70, you will hear an alert. The volume of this alert can be different to the volume of the music or sounds your playing. For this function to work, you need to keep your phone on during the night, and the app open, you cannot close the app. I wasn’t a fan of having my phone on during the night and all the next day, never turning my phone off again. Your phone also acts as the microphone, so ideally it needs to be on your bedside table. The highest snore rating I got, was 74, which did trigger the alerts and this was tested while away, but during the night, my wife told me the alert didn’t wake me up, but it did her. This was at the highest volume too!

That’s my second concern, your partner and how they are affected. The volume is low & subtle, directed straight at your ears, but depending on volumes, it may be too loud for your partner. The audio quality is very good for it’s purpose, low level background music, but nothing more than that. The pillow itself was comfortable, but a little too plump for me (I sleep quite flat).

The pillow retails for ¬£50, which isn’t too bad at all and with some of the features, could make the perfect investment for those wanting to nod off to an audiobook or your favorite album. As an anti snore device, it wasn’t enough for me, but I am a very heavy sleeper!

For more info, visit the official Soundasleep website.