Phones need protection. Especially those that you’ve sunk the best part of ¬£1000 to buy. Like my Google Pixel 3 for example. Anything happened to that, I’d most likely cry, which is why I’ve decided to house it in a Speck case.

Speck are a brand that sell super light, low profile cases, which don’t add much bulk to your device. The majority of the case is made from plastic, but the Speck Presidio Grip has rubberised striking accents down the back and the side, also adding to its sharp design. The regular Presidio we were sent is completely transparent and is very smooth.

It has holes for your camera and fingerprint sensor, which is nice so when you put your phone onto a surface, the two areas are lifted away to save from scratches. The buttons also have rubberised caps too so the phone is completely sealed away. The only thing that isn’t covered is the USB Type-C port for charging which is normal.

The case is pretty tough, and promises protection from drops up to 2.4 meters which is much taller than the average human. Of course with any case test, we can’t really test them well, as I’m not dropping my Google Pixel 3 from eight feet high, but I can safely say that the couple of accidental drops I have had, my phone hasn’t been affected.

One product from the Speck range I combined with my Speck Presidio Grip was the GrabTab, which is essentially a strong loop that you can hold onto when the phone is in use. The loop can lay flat too when storing your phone in your pocket. The adhesive pad on the back also means it’s not just built for the Google Pixel 3, but is universal. The loop can also double up and a stand which worked wonders when I used it on the train on the way home to watch some Netflix.

Overall the Speck Case combination I have outlined here worked extremely well for the Google Pixel 3 and made the phone a lot easier to hold compared to a bare handset, all while adding a decent layer of protection to your new expensive mobile. For more information, head over to the Speck website.

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