So I started off with the SOUL Sync ANC, which introduced me to the brand in a very positive way. I then tried out their SOUL S-Fit earbuds, which are still my go-to when cycling, as they’re so secure and comfy. Now onto the S-Nano buds and wow, I’ve never seen a case so small.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX5 rating (sweat resistant)
  • Transparency mode
  • Touch controls
  • 24hours playtime
  • Small case @ 40mm W/D & 28mm high

The first thing you see is the size of the case and just how small it is. It’s absolutely tiny, the smallest I’ve ever seen and rather surprised at how it can hold both buds and have a large enough battery for 24hrs of juice. The S-Nano come in six different colours including black, navy, peach, yellow, lime green and frost blue.


A tiny case, lightweight, easy to hold, keep in your pocket or attach to your keys or backpack. The case opens from the top, a hinged lid, then there is a built-in fabric tag to one side, allowing you to attach it to something. There is then the USB-C port at the rear and an indicator light. The indicator light flashes to identify case battery level, one flash equals 25%, two 50% and so on. A satin finish around the plastic case, with a glossy lid, which does show fingerprints very easily.

The buds themselves are average in shape and size. They come with a rubber tip and have been shaped to suit the inside of your ear. There is an ‘S’ on each bud, which is the touch-sensitive part of the bud, used to control your content.

In the box, you get the case, the buds, small and large rubber tips (medium pre-installed), a short USB-C cable, a carabiner and some instructions.

Audio performance is surprisingly very good, factoring in the size, spec and pricing. I listened to a variety of music while working and I was more than happy with what I was hearing. The overall sound profile is fairly balanced, there is some low end there and in some tracks, it’s enough, while others, it’s wanting a little more. Mids and highs are good, crisp and vibrant. There is no EQ with these, and I wouldn’t expect them to at this price either.

The earbuds are comfortable to wear, they sit nicely within my ear and are somewhat secure, although not as secure as the S-Fit, so I wont be swapping these out for them when cycling.

There is no active noise cancellation with these but there is the standard passive cancellation associated with most earbuds, which helps reduce external sounds. There is transparency mode which works well, so if you’re walking along the street and want to hear more of the outside world, while still listening to music, you can.


As for controls, they’re easy to use and all the gestures are detailed in the instructions but in brief, a single tap on the right bud for play/pause, double-tap next song and triple-tap previous song. Volume control is included which is nice and can be controlled via the left bud, with a single tap volume up, double-tap volume down. You can also control your voice assistant, turn on transparency mode and take calls. There are voice prompts to help you out as well.

Battery life appears to be good. I fully charged the case upon opening them and have used them on and off over the last week and I’ve only just got down to two flashes, so I reckon the 20-24hours is very achievable. The battery within the buds will last up to 5hours, before needing them to be charged. There is no wireless charging with these.

The S-Nano currently retail for $69 in the US, which is a fair price but bear in mind the S-Fit only cost $10 more and slightly outperforms the nano on audio but is a lot comfier and secure to wear. I am impressed with the S-Nano and I’d recommend them to anyone, but I’d probably recommend the S-Fit first.

For more info, head over to the official SOUL website. P.S They’re offering free personalisation at the mo too, which is a nice touch. Get your name engraved on them.