Not too long again, I tried the SOUL Sync ANC and I was impressed but, they were not the best for sport and I couldn’t easily use them while cycling. However, I’ve since been sent the S-Fit and to my joyful surprise, they come with the extra rubber hook support on the bud, which they’re calling Freebit wing Tips, making it ideal for sports, or so I hope. Let’s find out.

In the box you get the earbuds, charging case, a variety of wing tips and ear tips, a USB C cable, and a carabiner.


  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • IP67 protection
  • Shock resistant
  • 6.5hrs on a single run, upto 33hr total playback via the case.
  • Transparency mode, allowing you to heat your surrounding

The s-fit comes in 6 different colours including black, blue, red, green, teal, and pink.

We got the army green version, which includes baby blue innards, which I have to say, I like a lot. The case is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry in your hand, pocket, or clip onto something via the carabiner. To the rear of the case is the UBS C port and small indicator light, plus a small fabric tag on the right-hand side. There is no wireless charging with these. Open the case lid to reveal the earbuds, which sit magnetically into their molds.

As for the earbuds, a green face with a baby blue surround (the wing) matching the case theme, and again, I like the colour scheme a lot. There are two rubber parts to each bud, the traditional grey inner bud, then the baby blue freebit wing. In both instances, you get small, medium and large sizes, so should cater to all shapes and sizes of ears.

As for comfort, fantastic and ever so secure. I am a big fan of earbuds that include the extra rubber wing/hook, which these do and they make the world of difference. The S-Fit is ever so easy to insert into the ear and once they are in, they stay there. Walking, running, cycling, not a problem at all, and after a pretty intense 30-minute Peloton session, they had hardly moved, and at no point did I need to adjust, fiddle, or reinsert them. Sweat wasn’t an issue, they didn’t affect performance, nor comfort or security while exercising.


The audio performance was good but it didn’t blow me away. The sound profile is fairly well mixed, although it’s all a little damp, it could do with a tad more clarity and punch. They were not as good as the Sync ANC but more than enjoyable for use during my exercise and commutes and performed as expected at this price range.

The touch controls work well, they are responsive and easy to use, just tap the logo on either earbud. To control music, a single tape on either bud is play pause, two taps for the next track, three taps to activate the assistant. Tap and hold down for two seconds to activate transparency mode. There is no volume control which is disappointing. There are some voice prompts but not for all the commands.

Battery life appears good, I charged the case fully upon opening it and have had about 2 hours of casual listening, plus 2 30minute spin classes and the battery is at 75%. How do I know that? The indicator light will flash either once, twice, three, or four times when you charge it. Once means 25% battery, four times means 100%, with the others in between.

Although the audio performance wasn’t as good as it’s big brothers (as expected), these will hands down be my go-to earbuds to use while exercising. They are so comfortable and secure, the touch controls (although limited) are handy while on the bike or running and they sound more than good enough for what I need.

They currently retail for $79, which is a greta price vs performance, in my mind. For more info, head over to the official SOUL website.