Sanitising your hands or equipment is booming and for a very good reason too. Rona has shown us that we may not always be the most hygenic and the spread of germs is far easier than we may have originally thought. Well, to make things that little bit safer, a company called QDOS has released a 2in1 UV sanitising cleaner and QI wireless charging gadget.

The unit itself is 20cm x 12cm x 5cm and it’s very simple in design. The case sits on four rubber feet, making it sit securely on your desk. It has a USB C and A port at the rear for power. To the top, it has a single indicator light and a single button, and this area on top, or the lid, is the QI enabled charging area. Lift the lid up to reveal the sanitising zone. There are several small pimples on the inside, allowing your device to sit raised up while cleaning. You’ll also see the UV lamps on either end of the case. It’s made from plastic, it’s white in colour and feels fairly well built.


There are several features worth noting.

  • UV Sanitiser with Qi functionality allows you to charge your smartphone while disinfecting other devices simultaneously.
  • LED indicator notifies sterilisation and power status.
  • Spacious compartment fits iPhones, smartphones (up to 6.7”), earbuds, and many other everyday tech objects.
  • UV-C light sterilisation (254nm & 185nm) eliminates up to 99.99% of common surface bacteria.
  • Offers two sterilisation modes: 3 minute rapid or 10 minute intensive sterilisation.
  • Automatic safety feature switches off UV light when opened.
  • Fast and secure Qi wireless charging (5W, 7.5W, Max 10W)
  • Includes 1x USB-C port for charging the UV Sanitiser from mains power and 1x USB-A port to charge additional devices.

Set up is straight forward and only a quick guide is provided. Plug it into a wall socket (no power brick provided) and either place your phone on top to charge or inside to clean. The guide shows phones, smart watches, earphones and keys can be placed inside. Whether there are any exclusions, I’m not too sure. Use the button to scroll through the options, green is a 3minute quick clean, blue 10 minute intense clean and no light is off.


While cleaning, it’s silent, it’s just UV light killing bacteria on the surface of your device. Lifting the lid instantly stops the clean, closing it again continues it. Once the clean is done, the light will turn off. I used this with my phone and keys, and it’s hard to tell whether it worked or not. However, each time I’ve used the cleaner, the products have come out with a certain smell to them. It’s faint and you have to put it close to your nose but this may indicate it’s been cleaned.

Is it working, are my keys and phone free from bacteria? It’s a tough one to answer. There are no visual differences after something is cleaned, and you wouldn’t know it was finished apart from that faint smell when you take the item out. I’ve looked into it further, Petree dishes, bacteria, and microscopes, which is a little out of my league but from the research I’ve done, the science is sound and UV light has been used, is used, a lot, for cleaning items, hospital rooms and so on. I’ve seen other devices with more lights inside the case, with different positions, and the better distribution of light, the better the outcome, so this case could be better with lights on the sides. The bottom of my phone is very close to the base, those pimples do not sit the phone far from the bottom much at all, so I would question the performance on the bottom of the phone. That being said, just run the clean twice and flip your phone over on the second turn.


As for the QI wireless charing, that works a treat, with my rubber case still on. Charing time was quick but it’s unclear whether my iPhone 11 was recieving 5, 7.5 or 10watts of charge. There is a note in the guide stating “To achieve max 10W Qi charge, use mains USB-A port with QC2.0 or 3.0”, which I have.

At £59.99, It’s an affordable price to pay to clean your belongings. It will fit almost all current smartphones inside, plus a number of other items too. You could even place it on your bedside table and get into the routine of charging your phone overnight, place it inside in the morning to clean while you get ready, and be on your way.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the offical QDOS website.