At the beginning of lockdown, I purchased a lav mic from Amazon and it was from BOYA. I thought nothing of it but was hugely impressed with the quality and value for money. Unknown to me, they also make other audio products, with the BY-AP100 being one of their newer earbuds. They sent a pair over to check out.

The earbuds come in two colours, white or black, and white was the pair we received. The case is a pearlescent white, while the buds are brilliant white. The case is lightweight, it’s compact, easy to carry and store. There are four indicator lights to the front of the case, which showcase battery level and a USB C port to the rear for charging.


Something I’ve not seen before from a pair of buds, the lid slides, it doesnt open upwards on a hinge like most do. It’s kinda cool, I like the slide but the lid is very flimsy and feels like it could be easily damaged. Slide the lid up and you’ve got the earbuds. These resemble AirPods, with the long stem below the bud itself. They are made from plastic, they are moulded to suit the inner part of your ear and they do not include a rubber tip. They are ridiculously lightweight, to the point where you barely realise you’re holding them. At the bottom of the stem, an indicator light that flashes, which helps you know when they’re pairing etc.

There is a brushed metal area to the back of the bud, which is the touch-sensitive area. All the touch gestures are detailed in the instructions but in brief, a double-tap on either bud is play/pause, tap once on right for volume up, left for volume down and to change track forward or backwards, tap and hold for two seconds. The touch controls do work well, I had no problem controlling my content at all and the staged volume control was a nice addition.


As for spec, not too much to cover. They include Bluetooth 5.1, they have a 6hour playback, 27hours total with the case and they take 2hours to charge. There is no wireless charging, there is no active or passive noise cancellation (no ear tip), nor ambient mode or EQ options.

As for audio performance, they’re ok. Unfortunately for BOYA, I’ve tried a lot of really good quality earbuds recently, so it’s very obvious to me when something doesn’t quite cut it. The sound profile is flat, it defiantly lacks on the bass front but the mids and highs are ok. I used them for several hours, listened to a variety of stuff and it was fine. Volume-wise, they get quite loud but as the volume increases, they’re crying out for some bass. They won’t blow your socks off but they’re pleasant enough to use.

They are comfortable to wear, they’re ever so lightweight and they sit nicely within my ear. They are somewhat secure and OK for usual day to day activities but I wouldn’t wear them while exercising. There is no active or much passive noise cancellation, so you can hear external sounds while wearing these.

Battery life seemed OK, 6hours is more than enough for a single use and 27hours all together, plenty, although some others are now offering 40 to 50hours. The indicator lights work very well, too well, they stay on for a very long time after you’ve put the buds back.

I’ve seen the BOYA BY-AP100 buds on sale for circa $50/¬£40, which isn’t too bad, considering you’re getting touch control and decent battery life. Audio performance could be better but it’s fair for the retail price.