Now I’m not sure if it’s just be but bloody hell, Skullcandy are pumping out some wicked product these days, especially their headphones. Now we’re no strangers to Skullcandy at TechNuovo after having reviewed a few models in the past, but they do keep surprising us.

Not long ago, Skullcandy released their Grind headphones, a wired version of what we’re about to show you now. They were good, with an excellent price tag attached. As you can probably imagine, the new version is called the Grind Wireless, and you’ll never guess what’s different?

The Skullcandy Grind Wireless headphones come in a huge variety of designs. From blue and black to a metal type finish, bright orange and dark navy even purple. The list goes on. Point is, their designs are there for you, to make a decision to match your style. We were sent a brown version with red tartan covered foam and a camouflage pattern on the top of the head band. Looks good.

Performance wise I don’t know what else to say but ‘superb.’ It was hard to find a fault with this set of cans taking in consideration of price. Okay, they’re not going to stand up to the big boys like Bose and Sennheiser, but for a sub ¬£100 set of wireless headphones, you will definitely get your absolute money’s worth.

The bass is deep and very controlled perfect for your grimy bass tracks. For rock and acoustic fans, the mids and highs stand up for themselves, producing some clear and crisp cymbal hits. Even on acoustic tracks you could hear the individual strings being plucked.

The only thing that narked me a bit were the lack of accessories. A carry case or even a USB plug adapter for charging wouldn’t have gone amiss. The only thing you get in the box are the headphones, a USB cable for charging and a 3.5mm aux cable for incase you run out of juice.

One last thing is battery life. Skullcandy are claiming 12 hours use. However, there is no off switch without disconnecting it from Bluetooth. So if you’re one of these people who keep your Bluetooth on, the Grind Wireless headphones will keep ticking over until you play another music track.

So yeah, the Skullcandy Grind Wireless headphones are pretty decent for the price, despite the couple of qualms I have. I would definitely recommend them over most comparable priced wireless headphones though. They’re definitely the best we’ve tried. For more info, check out their website. You’ll find all the funky designs there too.