Skullcandy Grind Headphones Review


Skullcandy have released new Grind headphones in Europe and we were lucky enough to grab a pair to check them out. Skullcandy claim to deliver everything you would expect from a premium set of headphones, minus the large price tag. Let’s see if thats true.

At first glance, the original, unique and bold designs associated with Skullcandy remain and they still look great. The headphones are built around a lightweight metal frame, with foam padding to sit against your head and ergonomic, soft, padded ear pads. There is a button on the left earpad to allow for control of your music device and there is a detachable aux cable, made from nylon which is perfect. Overall, the quality of the headphones is of a high standard.

The headphones fit very comfortably on my head. There is enough strength in the metal frame to ensure the headphones dont easily move. The pads surround my ears and do offer a little sound cancellation. To adjust the height of the earpads, you simply slide them up and down. I thought this could be a problem as they may easily slide down and then become lose and uncomfortable. After a few hours of wearing them, this didn’t happen once and isn’t a problem.

The audio cable given is of decent length, not to long or short and will allow for your audio device to be in your pocket. The cable is also detachable, if you needed a longer or shorter cable, you could make the switch. The button on the left earpad works well, it allows you to play/pause tracks and there is also a built in microphone near which accepts voice controls.

The sound quality is spectacular, and I mean easily on par with contenders in much higher price ranges. There is a beautiful mix of levels, including just the right amount of bass. This will be down to the REX40 custom driver they have used internally. I was in an immersed experience, the rest of the world didn’t matter when I was listening to a good song through these headphones.

Prices start from £39.99 and can be bought from Skullcandy direct. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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