Orbitsound Spaced360 Speaker Review

Not only does the Orbitsound Spaced360 have a superb funky design, it also sounds great too.

Inside you will find a total of six sound drivers. This is the reason the 360 can reproduce bassy yet unbelievably crisp sound. Having such an odd shape means sound can be blasted in all directions, giving off a true 360 degree sound as claimed. I would recommend this piece of kit for any sized living room, for quiet listening or party atmospheres.

The metal grill around the Spaced360 is a gloss-filled polycarbonate ABS sealed chassy. It’s a sealed design giving the speaker a decent build quality aswel as decent protection when moving it around. Inside houses a 1.1kg Bluetooth speaker which is incredibly weighty which means the speaker is good quality.

Even though the Spaced360 is made from a heavy material it is still a portable speaker due to its size. It’ll fit into a medium sized bag with no problem at all, although it could end up weighing you down, especially after a while of carrying.

All the controls are conveniently placed on the top. Here you will find the On/Off switch, volume controls, Bluetooth activation and a mute key. Controls are simple and kept quite neat however I’m not too sure on the design around them. It doesn’t really suit the rest of the speaker in terms of design. Another annoying fact is the power button is easy to turn on when in a bag due to its centre placement. There has been a couple of times we’ve found the speaker to be turned on when we got it out to use.

There is a micro USB present which is purely for firmware updates. There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack if you want to physically connect your phone or MP3 player directly into the speaker if Bluetooth isn’t available. Take note that the Spaced360 uses APTX and A2DP technologies to boost streaming quality.

To charge the Spaced360 all you do is put it onto the supplied charging station and let it charge. You only need to charge the speaker for two hours to get a full battery. Placing the speaker onto the charging disk is simple and hassle free. There is no shuffling the speaker over the disk in a hope it finally lands. The lights on top glow red so you know it’s charging and change to green when the battery is full.

I had a brilliant time with the Orbitsound Spaced360. The speaker sounds fantastic, looks unique and battery life is decent enough to last a few hours while you’re on the move. My only qualms are button design and weight for a portable speaker. The buttons didn’t feel like they went with the rest of the speaker, but that is only an aesthetics issue. The speaker is very heavy which could cause some issues while carrying the speaker around.

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