Summer is finally upon us. Dust off your board shorts, get to Boots for some factor 50 and grab your out of fashion shades from the back of the cupboard and get outside in the sun. Unfortunately us at TechNuovo are stuck inside working. Feel sorry for us. To bring us closer to those summer feels we’ve decided to bring you some of the best summer tech on the market from BBQ tongs to quad copters. Anything that’s going to make your summer just that little bit more enjoyable, we’re here to recommend it. We will be updating the list throughout the summer so make sure you keep checking it out to see what latest toys and gadgets we have for you. And one more thing, we want to hear what’s your favourite tech this summer. Check out our 2015 Summer Essential Tech List below:


Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

These nifty tongs will surely ‘light’ up your summer parties now that Dad can wield the force and made vrooomm noises while grilling up the steaks. These Star Wars BBQ Tongs come from a company Genie Gadgets and retail for around £20. Finally, you’ll be able to make those Darth Bugers you’ve always wanted.

star wars bbq tongs 1

Integral Remote Selfie Disk

Taking selfies has never been easier. Just hook up the disk to your mobile phone, open the camera app and snap away. No longer do you need to use a claw hand to reach those fiddly shutter buttons. You can find one of these here for only £4.99,
integral remote selfie disk 1


Micro Drone Quadcopter frm mTech

Ever fancied yourself a pilot? Well now you can with the Micro Drone Quadcopter. Soar through the sky with omni-directional control. You can find one of these from our good friends at Menkind. They retail for around £29.99.

mtech quadcopter 1


Enerplex Packr Solar Backpack

No longer do you need to worry about your phone dying while you’re watching Kanye West headline Glastonbury this year. This solar backpack absorbs heat from the sun to charge your phone or tablet on the go. You can find more information on the Enerplex website.

enerplex packr solar backpack 1


Skullcandy Grind Headphones

Skulcandy has retained their unique look with the new Grind headphone range. Combined with some excelent sound, these headphones will not go amis around someone’s neck this summer. You can pick up your very own set direct from Skullcandy.



Touchdual Boombox

Need some music this summer? The Touchdual Boombox is light, easy to carry and has excellent loud sound thanks to its two main front-facing drivers. All you need to do is place your smart phone on the top and the speaker will amplify your music. It charges using USB power from your laptop or PC. Find out more from thumbsUP!

touchdual boombox 1


ThumbsUp! Panoramic Pod

Why not take a look at the ThumbsUp! Panoramic Pod for those special panoramic shots you’ve been looking for? Just clip your phone to the tripod and wind up the base. Let go and watch your phone capture some smooth panoramic pictures. You can find out more from the ThumbsUp! website.

ThumbsUp! Panoramic Pod 5


Olloclip 4-In-1 Photo Lens

All you budding photographers out there can now improve the quality of your snaps. Take amazingly wide fisheye photos, or get in close with 10x and 15x macro lenses. They come in many different sizes to fit different phone cameras. You can find more information on the Olloclip website.

olloclip 1


Wallet Ninja

Make your summer easier with the Wallet Ninja, an 18-in-one tool that fits snugly into one of the card slots in your wallet. On it you will find a bottle opener, several screwdrivers, a ruler, can opener and many more. You can find out some more information from the ThumbsUp! website.

wallet ninja 1