New Task App ‘Pickle’ Launches 8th June


A new peer to peer on demand task app called ‘Pickle’ launches next Monday, 8th June 2015. The app is designed for those with busy schedules or those who are just lazy (NEEDs) and those interested in flexible earning options or those with a craft, skill or trade to offer (DOs). Pickle enables users to get help with any task imaginable. Pickle buys you time…

Tasks can be anything from picking something up from the shop, doing the ironing, helping to write a speech or building flat pack furniture. Big or small, crazy or not, it will help with getting that job done.

You simply input the job you need doing and sit back and wait. The app has a live auction system that allows the DO’s to bid for jobs, giving them an all important competitive edge, and enables the NEED’s to negotiate costs to ensure they get best value for money.

The launch is based for Londoners only at present, as this is were the app has a growing community already but the potential for Pickle is global. Pickle plans to expand the reach of its brand and product beyond the UK within two years from launch.

With integrated GPS and designed with ease of use in mind, Pickle offers a truly streamlined user experience. The app uses third-party payment developer, Stripe, facilitating in-app payments for every job, eliminating the need for cash or the tedious inputting of credit card details.

The latest version of the app will be available from App and Play Stores from Friday (5th) and is free to download.

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