Vertu V Bluetooth Speaker Review

Vertu originally started with tech products in the mobile phone industry, bring you expensive but lucrative smart phone designs and accessories. Now however they’re bringing their top-tier experience to the speaker and headphone audience, designed to work with their smartphones.

The speaker is made from aircraft-grade aluminium giving a smooth premium feel to the touch. The buttons on top have a leather shroud while the base has a large rubber plate to save it from slipping when placed on a shelf or bedside table.  The buttons on top  are play/pause, answer phone calls and activate Bluetooth. They’re not very prominent meaning you may need to look at the speaker for the first few presses to know which selection you’re making.

vertu v 2

However, the press is in the form of an audible click so you know when you’ve pressed. Being covered in the leather on top I like, but it does make for a harder time pressing the buttons. I would have liked to have seen some touch buttons here, but overall the V speaker looks very fancy.

Inside you will find two full range speaker drivers and a passive bass radiator giving you some very high quality audio. We tried various genres of music and EQ balance was really quite good. If you’ve got the ability to do so, the speaker needs a little bit more bass in the EQ to make it shine. Mids and highs are crisp. I loved that there was no loss of quality at higher volumes meaning it’d suit a busy house party down to a tee. The speakers are behind a dual-diamond cut fascia continuing its premium theme.

vertu v 3

Battery life I was surprised only sits at 10 hours. This seems relatively low considering the price of speaker. Cheaper speakers we’ve reviewed like the Lindy BTS-360 lasts for nearly double that of the Vertu V. Although the battery life is low, it does only take three hours to charge from dead to full which was unexpected from a speaker.

The speaker uses a microUSB connection from a PC, laptop or plug to charge. As we’re talking about ports, there is a 3..5mm aux input for hard-wiring audio devices. The Bluetooth supports AptX for lossless audio from a mobile phone or tablet. It comes with quite a neat leather carry case too for transportation.

vertu v 4

Overall the Vertu V Bluetooth speaker is covered in luxury. It would be a great addition to any contemporary home. Costing around £380 you are paying the premium, and at this cost I would have liked to have seen a longer battery life, even if it did make the speaker heavier than it already is. You can find more information from the Vertu website.

  • Fredrik


    This is the first rewiev i hav seen on the Vertu V Speaker even thoug it has existed for 2 years time, that is remarkable?

    How did you feelt it compared to Bose Soundlink Mini II when it comes to SQ resolution and richness and dynamic bass?

    Best Regards


    • Stef Murphy
      Stef Murphy

      Hi Fredrik,
      I am very much a fan of Bose equipment.Although the Vertu sounded pretty solid, I still wouldn’t be able to compare it to the sound quality of the Soundlink Mini II.

      • Fredrik

        Yes i got both the Vertu V-Speaker and the Bose Soundlink Mini II and MK I, and the both Bose are on a total diffrent level when it comes to power and dynamic bass , but the Vertu got crispier upper mid / treable , but does not got any power o bass undortenatly is that you experience also, or maybe the Vertu are faulty?

        • Stef Murphy
          Stef Murphy

          Although we found the Vertu V system to have a very nice sound, we did find that we needed to adjust EQ on our phones to push out a little more bass. I don’t think this is a manufacturing fault though. If it’s bass inside a small package, then I would go for a Bose Soundlink every time.

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