LINDY BTS-360 Bluetooth Speaker Review

So LINDY are back. The growing electronics company have just released their new BTS-360 Bluetooth Speaker and let me tell you, it packs a punch. But lets start at the beginning.

Inside the well packaged box you will find the speaker itself and a microUSB charging cable which can be used with laptops, desktops or USB plug adapters. There is a user manual too but the speaker is really self explanatory which is good.

lindy bts-360 3

The speaker itself is covered in a black matte type material which is very prone to fingerprints if handled for too long. Once you’ve found a place in your room for it to live, I would suggest leaving it until it is necessary to carry it around with you. The top of the speaker is covered in a red soft fabric to give it a popping accent. The speaker as a whole looks really smart.

There are no buttons except a big Bluetooth enable and a power button at the back. To pair your device just hold down the Bluetooth button until it starts flashing. It can then be detected and paired. No passcode required for the speaker. There is also the option to use NFC on newer mobiles. The connection pad is on top of the speaker. Just hold your NFC device to the pad and you’re paired. It worked well for us, nearly instantaneous connection. The speaker will be remembered on Bluetooth devices for easier pairing in the future.

lindy bts-360 2

Now the important bit… sound. I must tell you it sounds great for the size. There is a decent amount of bass that gives music a bit of a thump. It’s not huge, but it certainly makes a difference over other similarly priced speakers. I would recommend this over more expensive portable speakers in a heartbeat. Mids and highs are never really a problem with smaller speakers, but with the LINDY BTS-360, I was left wanting slightly more. Not much, the speaker sounds really good, but I feel the top end of music is being slightly knocked off by the bass.

Max battery life is 18 hours, so it can go some time. Enough for a long weekend camping trip for example. Charging takes a few hours to get to full juice however so no quick charging devices here. We didn’t see that as much of a problem. Remember, this is technically a budget speaker still.

lindy bts-360 4

The LINDY BTS-360 sounds great. It’s punchy, looks pretty and gives you no hassle during connection with a Bluetooth or NFC device. And for around £59.99, you cannot go wrong. For more information you can visit the LINDY website.

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