Subscription boxes are all the range right now, there are so many to choose from and big brands are catching onto the idea. Two huge companies, Marvel and Funko teamed together a little over a year ago to bring the world ‘Marvels Collectors Corps’, a subscription box based around the Marvel and Funko world! It’s been a huge success so far, so we thought we would see what all the fuss is about!

The latest instalment from the subscription box is named ‘Civil War’ and is based around the latest Captain America movie ironically named Civil War! I’ve had subscription boxes before, but not this one specifically. I am a fan of Marvel and comic books in general so let’s see what’s inside. I should add this is a two monthly subscription box and is purchased via a US website. Prices once converted come to around £33 including delivery and customs.

The box looks amazing! What you see in the below image is how it arrives at your door. No other packaging required. Everything is secured is this large, detailed box, with artwork based around its theme. The box is thick and the contents inside came in perfect condition. Opening the lid I am greeted with a welcome: a collection of Avengers artwork and the first set of goodies, a patch and a pin, or badge of us UK folk. I don’t collect these and unsure where I would use the patch but I can appreciate the detail on them and that they are pretty awesome. Crossbones appear on the patch and Black Panther appears on the pin. Both are new characters to the Avengers movies, though they won’t be new to comic book fans.

Fold the flap over and you can see the box’s contents in all its glory and I have to admit, I did get a little excited! Probably the most popular item within these boxes is the Funko Pop related item and this month is a cracker! I’ve seen previous boxes online and people have gone mad over some of the exclusive pops that arrived in these boxes and this one is up there with the best. It’s a two pack, action posed Iron Man and Captain America. If you are new to Pop figures, these are small and made from plastic, with overly large heads, in the form of your favourite movie characters, TV stars, sports people and musicians. They are hugely popular, very collectible and have made their way into most household shops such as Tesco’s and Wilkinsons. Oh, and they can be worth big bucks if they get vaulted and become unavailable to purchase online or in stores. This is a great two pack, the box itself came in excellent condition, which is key for in-box collectors. It’s also great value for money. Pops currently sell for around £10 each so to get two in the box as a bundle is definitely worth the £33 I’ve paid already, including the other items in the box of course.

Next in the box is another Funko figure. This time Dorbz, a smiley, unmasked Iron Man figure to be exact and it looks great. Once again, very collectible. The fact that it is an exclusive makes it even more desirable. Once again, Dorbz retail at £10, so this box is becoming even better value for money!

Next is a t-shirt, which I already knew I was getting because I had to select a size when ordering the box. I’ve had tees from subscription boxes before and they were cheap shirts, with a single colour and small prints on the front. Generally not great but this one is not like them at all. I got a full colour printed tee, showing the characters from the new movie and asking, ‘whose side are you on?’ Very good quality and a nice fit. Once again, these would probably be around £10 to buy from a shop if they were available.

Finishing off the box is the comic book and a lanyard. I’ve not read the comic book yet but it is as you would expect any comic book to be. I’m sure I will enjoy reading it. The lanyard is just a bonus item which is nice. It’s practical and I’m sure I’ll use it at some point.

So to summarise, this box is awesome! Every box comes with a t-shirt, a Funko pop product, a patch, a pin, a comic book and one or two unknown items. Looking at previous boxes, they have also been filled with exciting goodies. I’m sure each box has been well received by its fans. Delivery was quite quick considering, took about a week to come from America and it looks like they ship crates of the boxes over so customers don’t get hit by customs tax.

It’s seriously good value for money, considering the cost to post something from America internationally. You’ve easily got a box with items worth a higher value than what you would pay. This seems to be a pattern across the subscription box market. I’ve seen that some exclusive Funko Pops sell for £40 upwards and that’s just for the Pop, not the other items.

If you love Marvel, superheros, comics, Funko Pops figures, exclusive items and the suspense of opening the box and not knowing what’s inside… then this box is for you!

For further info or to start a subscription, visit the official Marvel Collectors Corps website.