Keeping your home secure in my eyes is a top priority. I couldn’t think of anything worse than coming home to find your front door open and your belongings gone. This is why companies such as Myfox are building home security hardware to aid you. We were sent one of their security systems, a small cylindrical CCTV-esque SMART  camera, a huge alarm siren and door sensor.

For the complete package you are looking at around £418 in the UK (around $500) which will get you one of each item mentioned above. This includes everything you will need to secure your home tight, unless you want  additional cameras or door sensors of course. This to me already seems quite expensive for what you are getting, considering there are cheaper models on the current market. Although they do look great, and would suit a modern household down to a tee.

I will be reviewing these products individually to save confusion in the different parts. Then I will discuss how they worked together on my wireless network.

Myfox Home Alarm Children

Myfox Security Camera

This little security camera is actually pretty good. I liked the fact it was thin. It fit onto the corner of my shelf no problem at all and was well hidden, as any security camera should be. It’s primary colour is white with accented silver sides. The door on the camera opens up automatically when in use and for when you engage the privacy mode.

The camera shoots at 720p which is actually pretty clear, seeing as you are going to be mostly viewing the live view or recorded footage on a mobile phone. The app which connects to the camera was pretty simple to set up. It explained very clearly what I needed to do. The hardest part was getting the camera to recognise the QR code during pairing. This type of pairing we’ve seen before, you just have to bare with it.

Myfox Security System and Camera in situ

Once inside the app, finding your way around through the menus can be a bit daunting. There are a few options you could get lost in. However, once you are on the camera section, access to the live view camera and timeline is pretty simple to navigate.

There is a built-in motion sensor in the camera which detects movement. This is great if you are out the house. The camera sends a notification to your phone to let you know something has been detected. The private mode function closes the shutter door so it can’t view what’s going on. Great for bedroom or bathroom cameras.

However great this all sounds, I still can’t get over the cost of the individual cameras. Coming in at £169 ($199 in USA) I feel that there are cheaper alternatives on the market that are just as good. You are really paying for style over substance here.

Myfox Alarm and Sensor

This is where it got a bit complex. The alarm system works off of a wireless hub which needs to be plugged into a wall socket. From here, it sends a signal to the wireless sensor which you would need to put by a door or window. If the sensor detects that the door or window has been opened, and don’t worry, it can tell the difference between someone unlocking with a key as opposed to a crowbar, a signal will be fired back to the hub which in turn sends a signal to the siren to sound. Phew, that’s out-of-the-way.

However, this too us some time to set up. We kept getting back “error” messages when we tried to sync the system together. We just kept trying until eventually everything just worked.

We tested the siren and wow, it’s loud. Probably enough to scare away any kind of intruder. Sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to your preferences. The highest setting saw us opening the door and setting off the alarm, which is good when you’re on holiday for two weeks if no one is going into the home. If not, then lower the sensitivity unless you want to be made jump every time you get home.

Add the camera to the loop and you get a motion sensor which can set off the alarm too. Again this works well, but you have to remember to deactivate that feature if you’re home. Likkewise if you have pets running around like us, we have one cat, we saw this also set off the alarm. You cannot adjust the motion sensitivity either which was a bit of a pain for us. It would have been nice to do this rather than having to arm and disarm the system every time we needed to use it or come home. I suppose it’s similar to having an alarm box on the side of your house, but really, in the age of SMART devices, this would have been a handy feature to have.


For what it’s worth, the Myfox Smart Security System worked well, despite some downfalls with in-app settings that we either couldn’t find, or just weren’t there. The price as well I think for what you get is a bit steep, but that’s more likely a styling issue. think iPhone compared with anything else. They do the same but charge a fortune. The best feature for me I think was the camera. Having a couple of those set up in your house to send you alerts to your mobile was a nice feature, and the fact that you can ‘live’ view too was nice. I just don’t think evereybody would be able to justify having such a sensitive alarm system installed in their house.

With this in mind, you can check the Myfox Security System out for yourself by visiting the Myfox website.