Steelseries Rival 100 Review

We’re now in a time where buying a new gaming mouse requires you to remortgage your house. They’re expensive and really only purchased by the ‘real pros’ among us. The rest of us stick with our Microsoft mouse and keyboard bundle purchased from our local Currys retailers. However, the Steelseries Rival 100 gaming mouse is keeping things nicely priced. They’re not offering some of the precision that other brands do, but that’s okay. This is entry-level gear after all.

It’s priced at £39.99; nice and cheap compared to other brands on the market. Not cheap in a way that it’s going to break within a few days of investment, but cheap so that you’re not breaking the bank to be able to add one to your gaming rig. It’s pretty much fully made from a plastic material, but that doesn’t matter. It’s nice and light in the hand.

steelseries rival 100 2

It features six possible clicks. Left and right fingers, middle scroll wheel click and two thumb buttons. The 6th button is to switch DPI profiles. It’s built really for right-handed gamers purely because of the placement of the thumb buttons but you could easily use it in your left. It’s comfortable with either a palm or finger grip making it very versatile for all kinds of gamers. However, the position of the DPI changer is quite a stretch to get to, especially for people with larger hands.

The USB cable isn’t braided like you’ll find on other gaming devices, but that to me seems like a smart move to keep the cost down. The LED lights inside make the Steelseries logo shine as well as the scroll wheel. The colours can be changed inside the Steelseries Engine 3 driver software.

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The Engine 3 software is where you can configure your mouse to your needs. The Rival 100 has an adjustable DPI which are stored on two profiles. The button under the scroll wheel adjusts between the two, enabling you to switch on the fly when you’re in a sniper role inside a game. Macros can be set to a mouse click for when you’re ion a game of software. These can be recorded easily with the click of a button which is great.

There is the adjustable RGB Prism so you can choose the colour of shine. The Gamesense feature works with some of the more popular games. This can be set to change statistics in-game. For example, Your health bar on CS: GO can be set to the mouse, showing green for full health and slowly fading until you die. A handy feature to have but one that is most of the time going to be covered with your fingers. There is a very small lift off distance which I know some gamers would not like. It’s claiming a 1.5mm LOD which I can believe.

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Steelseries have kept tight budgets in mind when designing the Rival 100. It’s not very expensive and works really well. I’d target this product at gamers who don’t want to spend a fortune but want to become part of t he PC gaming collective. For more information you can visit the Steelseries website.

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