Today, I’m looking at a new vacuum cleaner from Shark, the NV602UK. The last cleaner I tried out was the Miele TriFlex which was great but it’s time to try something a little more affordable. How affordable, well the NV602 has a retail price of £249, but Shark has it on discount at £169 at the time of writing this, BUT Amazon had this on offer at £129 new.

So the NV602 includes a number of features including Sharks lift-away technology, which allows you to remove the cleaner from the wheels, which helps clean stairs and furniture. It also has an anti-allergen seal, it’s multi-use for carpet and hard floorings, LED lights to the front, it’s got a pretty big container at 1.1litres and it comes with a 5-year warranty as standard. This model does not include the anti-hair brush that Shark has on some more expensive models.

The NV602 is your typical upright vacuum cleaner, it’s mains powered, so it’s not like your handheld, battery-operated cleaners like the Dyson V series. There will be no worries about trying to get the house clean with one battery charge.

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Working from the top down, you have the detachable handle that connects to the metallic blue shaft. The handle also has a button for max or minimum suction but more on that later. Connected to the handle is the tubing that connects to the dirt container. Moving onto the main body, you have a very old school, red switch button that allows you to select either hard floor, carpet or off. There is also a large push button that detaches the main body from the wheelbase and another button to take the dirt container away from the main body, and then the container can be emptied from the bottom pretty easily. You will notice when you detach the container, there is a spongy foam filter, plus a thicker fabric filter too. These need to be removed regularly and shaken outside to remove dust. The power cord is hardwired to the main body and there is space on either side to secure the provided attachments too.

Lastly, the wheelbase. Two rubber wheels at the rear, two tiny wheels at the very front, and then the base swivels as well, so you can manoeuvre around corners. At the front, there is a total of 6 LED lights and of course the brush section. The LED lights are great, they really help pick up any dirt directly in front of the cleaner, so you know if you’ve picked it up or not.


Using the cleaner is like any other. Turn it on with the red switch, either hard floor or carpet and away you go. The only difference between the two is the speed rotation of the brush, and the speed is reduced considerably for hard floor. Then you have the option of max suction or minimum, and I believe the difference here, is opening and closing an air vent on the handle, thus reducing the suction, as the vacuum seal is compromised. The difference between the maximum and minimum suction is quite drastic in my opinion.

Carpet and max suction, I actually struggled to move the cleaner at first, the suction is that strong. My wife tried it and felt the same, you defiantly need some muscle their to push it back and forth for 20-30 minutes. Drop it down to minimum suction and it resembled other cleaners I’ve had in the past and was far easier to move. The wheels work well, as does the swivel motion and it’s easy to move around furniture and get under the first part of the sofa. The main body then gets in the way after that, so you cant get to the back of the sofa, or at least I couldn’t with mine.


The container was big enough for my entire house, carpets upstairs and mostly wood flooring downstairs. Hair, crumbs, whatever was on the floor, carpet or wood, it was sucked up on the first go, which was great. Having the ability to take the body off the wheelbase is great and really helps when cleaning the stairs with the brush attachment.

As for cleaning the cleaner, you’ve really got to stay on top of it if you want it performing at it’s best. It’s easy to get to all the filters in this, clean them and replace them as and when required.


The biggest problem for me, there is no way to remove the brush to remove the hair tangled in it. I live with my wife and two daughters, there is always a lot of hair tangled in any cleaner I use and it drives me mad. Previous cleaners I’ve had, I’ve been able to take the brush out and cut away the hair with some scissors. There is no way of removing the brush here, you have to try to get the scissors in between the plastic guard and pull the hair out. It’s not fun and it’s quite frustrating.

At £129 or even £169, this is an absolute bargain. It performs very well, cleaning everything you could think of. I like that it’s got options for the type of flooring you have and the level of suction too, although that maximum suction does make it harder to push and that may be a deal-breaker for some. It’s easy to clean stairs, sofas and chairs with the detachable main body, the LED lights are great at showing dirt and it’s overall a very good cleaner.

For more info, head over to the official Shark website.