It’s the first time we’ve had a Miele product come through to us before but we’ve seen them at trade shows and from what we’ve been told, their reputation for quality and performance is renowned. We got sent one of their new handheld vacuum cleaners from their Triflex HX1 range. They currently have five in that lineup, ranging in price from £479 to £679, three with varying colours, one more suited for cats and dogs and one with an improved battery performance. We got the cat and dog version, which is good because I have two cats and one dog at home to clean up after.  

Tech Spec

– £579 RRP in the UK
– Can be configured 3 different ways
– Detachable and replaceable 2500mAh 24V Li-ion battery
– Upto 60 minutes runtime.
– Includes a HEPA AirClean lifetime filter, which retains 99.9% of dust/particles
– It’s got headlights!
– 2 Year warranty


In the box you get cleaner in various parts, which it will need to be put together, three nozzles, two electric brush systems (large and small you could say), one battery, charger and wall mounting system. The cleaner itself comes in a matte and gloss black finish, with hints of rose gold and silver and looks fantastic. It oozes sophistication, it’s modern and easily beats its competitors on appearance (for me anyway). On the cheaper models, this finish is also available, along with a red version and a white version.

It’s very easy to put together, parts clip into place easily and it’s very well constructed. Miele is marketing this as a 3 in 1 system and by that, they mean you can swap the parts around to form three different setups. In it’s simplest form, it’s the motor and a nozzle or head, best suited for stairs or furniture. Then you can either have the motor at the top of the shaft, by your hand or at the bottom, by the head and either of these arrangements are for general cleaning of floors while standing up. Out of the two stand up arrangements, having the motor (and its weight) at the bottom of the shaft and away from my hand, felt easier and more comfortable to me.

The motor is where the magic happens and this is where most of the tech is. On the handle is a single button, which has four different settings, off and power 1, 2 or 3. These numbers correlate with power output, 1 being a low suction, 3 being a high suction. Below that button is three small indicator lights, showing the battery level. Behind the handle is the motor section, along with the plastic dustbag, which holds a total of 0.5L of dirt. Inside the dustbag are two different filters, a pre-filter and a fine dust filter, both of which are removable. To remove them and/or empty the container, you need to twist the lid and then the whole container will become lose and you can move it away from the rest of the cleaner. Keep twisting it and the bottom exit cap will release, dropping out the dirt at the same time. Below the container is the battery, which is removable and has a single power inlet, for charging with the battery installed or removed.

As mentioned before, there are three standard plastic nozzles included, for corners and skirting etc, plus two electrical heads. The first is similar in size and shape to your standard vacuum head and includes rotating brushes to help pick up the dirt. The second is a smaller, mini version of that, which is best suited in handheld mode, for stairs, upholstery and car seats. The larger head includes headlights, which is a bonus on the Cat & Dog model over the basic models. The roller brush in the larger head can be removed for easier cleaning/blockages. Both the nozzles and heads just clip into the motor body or pole.  

The battery takes four hours to fully charge and once charged, the indicator lights will turn off. Advertised runtime is 60 minutes, on the lowest suction and without and electrical heads. If using the electrical head with built in lights, they’re saying circa 30 minutes on low suction, 20 minutes on high. At it’s longest length, the cleaner is 130cm long. Lastly, the cleaner does come with a wall mount, which can be screwed into a wall and the cleaner will hang on it, along with the smaller accessories.


As for performance, the suction is exceptional and I’ve not experienced anything like it before. It was so good that I questioned the last time I vacuumed upstairs. Weekly is the answer but the amount of dirt and hair it picked up, you would have thought I skipped the last few weeks. There is a very noticeable difference in speed/sound between the three different suction settings but that doesn’t relate as much in performance, as even on low suction, I could see the same pieces of dirt get sucked up. With that fantastic performance, comes its first limitation, the dust bag or container. After hoovering upstairs (standard 4 bed, landing, all carpets) the container was full, so full in fact that I couldn’t actually empty the container without getting a pencil in there to ease it out. In hindsight, I should have monitored it and emptied it halfway through but that would have annoyed me.

I managed to clean the upstairs and stairs, and then the next downfall, battery life. After a full charge, at maximum suction, I managed to squeeze about 15-18 minutes out of it on carpeted floors and that wasn’t enough. I went to clean downstairs and the battery was dead. That meant charging it for another four hours and trying again later that day. Now I say downfall, I have a similar handheld cleaner, with only a slightly longer battery life (poorer suction though), so it’s a problem across the board that handheld cleaners don’t always have enough juice. Once back up and running, I cleaned a couple of carpeted rooms downstairs, with the rest of the rooms being wood flooring. I used low suction on the wood flooring and medium on the carpet this time. The end result was great, a clean floor, no scratches on the wood, nor any small parts being sucked up and spat out, and a full container.  

Onto practicality and movability, it’s ok. Moving the cleaner around is smooth and the electronic head is easy to move around. With the overall size of the motor and the chunky battery, it does actually make the cleaner a little bit heavy. It’s not overly heavy but compared to others I’ve used (lesser performing) it is heavier and I could feel it in my right arm, especially while cleaning the stairs one handed. It wasn’t that bad, I got used to be but some may find it on the heavier side.


The Triflex HX1 looks fantastic and it performs exceptionally well. The battery life was average at best and some may find this heavier than what they’re used to. A way around the battery issues is to upgrade to the Triflex HX1 Pro, which on paper offers double the battery performance to the cheaper models. As for price, it’s competitive against its competitors.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the official Miele website.