Be Safe, Be Seen. A vital moto for many circumstances, especially for cyclists on the road. As you’ve probably guessed from the brand name, Indik8a, we’re looking at some indicator lights today for cyclists. I’m more of a spin class kinda guy but do venture out onto the road sometimes so decided to take a look at these, along with some fellow road cyclists.

The problem is sound, safety is paramount while cycling, especially at night, when it’s so important that you are easily seen by cars behind you and oncoming. There are a variety of lights available and high visibility clothing to help make yourself identifiable but what happens if you want to make a turn. You would usually put your arm in the air and turn left or right. Now, any lights will be attached to your bike, so they won’t help but is a reflective band or garment on your arm/wrist enough? Not really. That’s where Indik8a comes in.


It all started with an illuminated cycling glove. Or rather, the idea of inventing one. In 2012, husband and wife team Alastair and Evelyn Malcolm, saw a gap in the cycle safety market and set about exploring it. The illuminated glove, although genius (for a first thought!) was incredibly expensive to produce – because one size couldn’t fit all. And as inclusivity was at the heart of their project, it was back to the drawing board.

With the help of Douglas Rushbrooke a newly appointed entrepreneur, the talent and knowledge of designer and manufacturer – Simon Rushbrooke, who played a significant part in the development process of INDIK8A this team of inventors asked the question of the original ‘what if…?’ has evolved into a potentially life-saving device. Designed to innovate the way we indicate, Indik8a is here to help cyclists of all ages – and all abilities – to signal with certainty. Because everyone deserves to feel safe on the road.”

Indik8a is a device that you attach to your hand, around your wrist and index finger, and it has a small flashing light attached to it. The wrist and finger strap is a soft stretchy fabric and both are adjustable to suit the size of your hand or finger (will go over gloves too!). Very simple and subtle design. The light is triangle in shape, with the LEDs in an arrow formation, in either the left or right turning position, depending on which hand you are using. There are 5 LEDs in total, offering an output of 275lumens.

The indicators come in a hard carry case, along with some instructions and a two way USB charging cable, allowing you to charge both indicators from one power source. Indik8a state a battery life of upto 330 indicates, which equates to two weeks worth of charge if used 47 times a day (left and right).

They actually work pretty well and are very easy to use. When on your wrist, there is a push-button on the finger strap, which can be pressed quite easily with your thumb to turn on. Press the button and the light will begin to flash for around 20 seconds. The unit also vibrates, which indicates the light is on. The light is very bright, it can easily be seen in daylight, with it being even more prominent at night. It depends on the drivers quality of eyesight, but I feel these could be visible from circa 10-15 metres quite easily, if not more. Neither of the straps are too restrictive, I could clench my fist together easily enough and they didn’t cause an issue while holding the handlebars. That being said, that can depend on which type of handlebars you have. For those with a road bike, the gear change is sometimes in the same location as the button, so a false activation may occur. These are weatherproof too, so no problem with rain.

At just £35, I think these are an affordable necessity that should be used, especially at night time and promoted to young & old, new & experienced riders. It’s two thumbs up from me.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the official Indik8a website.