Just under a year ago, I tried out the Melitta Caffeo Solo Coffee Machine and it was brilliant. They’ve now reached out again, this time with a bean grinder. Now, this grinder wouldn’t be much use with that coffee machine (as it’s bean to cup) but it could be with many others. Let’s take a look at the Melitta Calibra coffee grinder.

The calibre is a coffee grinder, so you buy your favourite coffee beans and this will grind them to a consistency suitable for your use. This is a little bit more than a standard grinder, toying with the side of being a professional grinder, it includes a variety of features. The actual grinder inside is made from steel, it has an integrated digital scale so you can accurately get just the right amount of coffee and it has a whopping 39 grind settings from coarse to fine, meaning your coffee can be used in an espresso machine, filter, cold brew or French press.


The grinder itself looks smart, with its black and brushed metal finish. It’s relatively tall but slim and wouldn’t take up too much real estate on your kitchen counter. The hopper is at the top, grinder underneath which discharges into a clear plastic container. The hopper has a capacity of 375grams, which is more than enough for domestic use. Below the hopper is a digital display and five buttons, which allow you to switch or change various settings. The hopper can be removed, along with components inside for easy cleaning, although it’s advised you do not wash the inner parts as such, just wipe down and remove residue with the supplied brush.

The hopper actually rotates and that’s how you set your grind. There are 39 different grind options, just rotate the hopper to select which one you want. There are symbols indicating espresso, filter or French press, with just notches in between, so I recommend you read the instructions for the finer details. The grind is very good. The finest grind is very fine, dust-like, while the coarse grind looks similar to the traditional instant coffee consistency and then there are 37 settings in between to try out.


It’s quite a clever machine and offers a very precise delivery of coffee. You can grind the right amount of coffee for you, based on weight. The weight has to be more than 3 grams and less than 100. You could also get an amount of coffee by a number of cups, between 1 and 10 and the actual weight allowance per cup of coffee (ground) is 7grams as default but this can be adjusted between 5 and 9grams. Lastly, you can remove the container, put your espresso machine handle under the outlet (or filter) and fill it up to your desired amount by starting/stopping the grinding process manually.


I’m very impressed with the performance of this machine. I tried a number of different coarses and although it was hard to differentiate between say fine 1 and 2, between fine 1 and filter 15, or further onto french press 30, it was very obvious. The machine was quick and efficient, with very little wastage. It was very easy to take apart and clean. The scales were accurate too, as remeasured weights on another scale. It was easy to use and thinking about it, flawless. I didn’t have any issues, it works as it should and it does a fantastic job.

It currently retails at £124.99 and if you’re in need of a grinder, I highly recommend you check the Calibra out and consider it to purchase it. Right, now this written, time to get the Cafetiere out the cupboard and make a cuppa.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the official Melitta Calibra webpage.