Home security is bigger than ever, which might be a bad thing. Is crime on the rise? Are we just paranoid? Or is it on the rise because equipment is more affordable? I’d like the assume the later as we’re starting to see home security equipment become very much affordable and accessible. Wireless security systems, individual and complete CCTV cameras available from your local hardware store and personal panic alarms are just some of the few pieces of security tech now available. The Detective Store got in touch to showcase their range of security products and boy, they have a lot to offer! They sell cameras, spy gadgets, listening devices, night vision among other security based products. There’s something for the novice, to the serious husband, or those just wanting to stalk the wife, to see if Frederico is still sniffing around. They sent us a box and inside, was one of their security IP cameras, so let’s open the box and check it out.

The camera came in a standard cardboard box, covered with images and info, and I noticed the camera is actually unbranded. I’m wary as this could mean it’s come from a some kind of universal factory from China! Open the box and I am greeted with the camera itself, a USB cable and plug adapter to power the camera, and some instructions. The camera itself is made of white plastic, with hints of glossy black. I’d say it’s a middle sized camera, as I have seen both bigger and smaller cameras before. The camera is light, so it will be easy to secure it to your ceiling if desired. It’s definitely not discrete and I’m not a fan of the antenna at all but overall, it’s a pretty nice looking camera. On the front of the camera are some indicator lights, on the top is a speaker and to the rear, you’ve got the RJ45 port, microSD slot, micro USB port and a reset button.

Tech Spec:
– CMOS 3.6mm Lens
– IR illuminator upto 6m
– Video resolution upto 1280×720 (30fps)
– Built in memory upto 64GB via SD/MicroSD card
– Wireless or wired (RJ45)


Setting up the camera was a little tricky, but only due to the app you have to use. First, you need to install the app via one of the app stores, both iOS and Android are covered. Once the app is installed, you need to create a log in and this is where I struggled, as it kept saying ‘unable to create account’. I persevered and the following day was able to create an account. Once the account was made, I logged in and was then able to add a camera to my account, via a simple step by step guide. Follow the guide and you will shortly have your camera set up and available to view.

The camera has some handy features including the ability to view the image anywhere in the world, both live and recorded footage. The device is equipped with a visible IR illuminator which emits red light during a night watch. It works perfectly at the distance of about 6 – 7 meters. The camera has a ‘moving’ head, capable of moving vertically -20° (down) – 90° (up) and horizontally 0° – 335° operated via the free app. The camera also has a built in microphone to pick up sound and if you equip it with a 64gb SD card, it offers hours of recordable footage.

The recording quality is pretty good. It’s not crystal clear, full 1080p HD but it is clear enough, in colour and most importantly, good enough to easily identify faces if needed. Controlling and viewing the camera was very easy via the app, and it’s easy to navigate around and operate the camera, via the on screen buttons.

The camera is currently available for under £40 and at that price, it’s a pretty safe bet. It’s not the best wireless camera on the market for video quality. You can find top notch video quality from the likes of the D-Link Day and Night Monitor and the Netgear Arlo. I am a little put off by the ‘cheap’ Chinese product kinda feel BUT that being said, I’d happily use it in my home and confident that it will identify any unwanted intruders.

For further info, to purchase or just to check out some awesome spy gadgets, visit the Detective Store website.