Watching your baby sleep at night, in their own room, is just the best thing ever. But that’s coming from a father of two! It helps put your mind at ease if you can see whether or not your child is dancing and singing when they should be sleeping. Foscam, a domestic home security manufacturer, got in touch about their latest FosBaby HD Baby Monitor and as a father, I’m always keen on trying out new baby tech. The FosBaby is the first in a range of baby monitoring specific High Definition P2P (Plug & Play) wireless IP cameras.

I hadn’t researched the camera before it arrived on my desk so when it did, the images on the front of the box got me very excited, as these little cameras look pretty cool! Inside the box is the FosBaby camera, a temperature sensor, stands/wall adapters, a power adapter with USB cable and a watch strap…not sure what that’s for but I guess I’ll find out. The camera is constructed in a glossy white plastic, with hints of pink, blue or green (options) and overall, looks pretty futuristic and generally cool! The camera fits in my hand and is very light weight, so could be wall or ceiling mounted very easily and sits on four rubber feet for a secure stance.

Tech Spec

✔ 1.0 MegaPixel High Definition (1280 x 720)
✔ It plays nursery rhymes!
✔ Video Recording On Motion Detection
✔ Sound, Temperature & Motion Detection Via FTP & Email
✔ Supports Wireless b/g/n
✔ Wide Viewing Angle – 90 Degrees
✔ Night Surveillance Up To 5 Meters
✔ Embedded IR-Cut Improves Image Clarity
✔ Micro SD Card Slot (Up to 32GB) – Not Suppliedfosbaby

Setting up the camera wasn’t the easiest of tasks, not quite a plug in and play approach but it can be easy if you follow the instructions, which I had to. Noob alert I know. There are a few options for mounting the camera. You can just let it stand on a side board or window sill, you can wall or ceiling mount it and lastly, you can use that watch strap I mentioned earlier, to secure it to a pole or similar. Perhaps to a strut of a cot? Once the camera is in place, plug it in and after about 30 seconds, you will hear a chime, which indicates the camera is now live and ready to go. Next you have to actually set the camera up and you can do this via your smartphone or PC. I did this via my iPhone and I had to press the ‘Soft AP’ button on the side of the camera, then wait for it to show under my WiFi options. I then had to connect to it, as if I was connecting to my home WiFi service, and then go to a specific IP address via my iPhone browser. Input the default log in details and then follow the simple on screen step by step install. There are plenty of options to fiddle around with but the key ones will be setting the name of your camera and its secure password. Once the camera is set up, it’s time to download the FosCam app, which is free and available on iOS and Android. I’m talking about the ‘new’ app, not the app that’s shown on the instructions, as this has now been superseded.

When you open the app for the first time, you will need to create a general FosCam account, which enables you to log into the app and your cameras. You will need to add the camera to the app, which is very easy and includes instructions on screen but in essence, scan the QR code on the camera upon request and the app does the rest. You can have multiple cameras under one account and control them all individually. On screen options include ‘listen & talk’, take a photo, record video, adjust day/night mode, adjust image rotation, select image quality and play nursery rhymes.

The camera quality itself is very good, its very clear and the lag on the video is minimal at best, it also picks up sound very well too! The camera works well in both daylight and at night, and via your phone, you can pinch and zoom if you want to get closer into the action. One feature I love is the nursery rhyme function, one touch of a button and nursery rhymes will fill your child’s room. I should also add the camera can read the temperature of the space around it, which is key when monitoring babies and allowing you to better regulate their temperature. This camera will easily pick up on what your little ones are doing and with the two way communication, you can even talk to them. You can also take screenshots and video recordings, onto your camera or SD card, of the mischief that’s going on, for any future girlfriends or boyfriends!  That’s the basics, but there is much more you can do with the camera if you want to get technical!

Overall, this is a cracking little camera that will put any parent at ease, by allowing them to watch their little ones in their own room, via a smartphone, anywhere in the world. Visit the official FosCam website for further info and check out Amazon for the best price, they have a great deal on these right now @ just £59.99! Go, Go Now.