Everyone loves a good Netflix and chill… right? Even if it’s alone, you know that a good session will easily kill a number of hours. So what if I told you, that rather wasting time watching standardised sitcoms starring three men and two women complaining about their love lives, you could spend your time learning about Mother Nature? Well Love Nature allows you to do just that.

Think about how Netflix works. You pay your monthly subscription, and where you are in the world determines which series are available to you. There is an incredibly large selection of series and films to watch. Love Nature is exactly that. It’s a subscription service that is dedicated to a whole host of nature and wildlife documentaries. I’m currently watching a program of prehistoric creatures, so it’s not all modern stuff.

What’s better as well is that you can enjoy this content is full 4K glory! And when I say glory I mean it. The footage of these nature documentaries are stunning. And what makes it great is that a subscription service is only ¬£3.99 a month. For unlimited ad-free content which is promised to be family friendly.

Love Nature is available on multiple sources from Android and iOS, Roku boxes, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV among the other mobile operating system television services. If you have a solid WiFi signal, then you will be able to watch the nature documentaries from anywhere.

The creators of Love Nature have also teamed up with various wildlife conservation groups, offering a percentage of our subscriptions as donations which I think is absolutely cool. It’s nice to know that the money I’m spending is going somewhere good, rather into the cogs of the corporate world.

You can find out more yourself be visiting the Love Nature website.