Roth VA4 Speaker Review


The VA4, a new pair of active speakers from Roth, with several connectivity options and 40watts per speaker. They retail at just under £200, do we think they are worth the buck? Let’s open the box and see what they are like!

Inside the box:

Each speaker is constructed from wood (assume MDF) and covered in a wood effect lining. There is a woofer and a driver within each speaker, covered by a removable mesh grille. The front side of the speaker comes in three finishes, black, white or red, and if either of the later colours, you get a nice outline of colour, when the grille is on.

These are active speakers, so one speaker has the built-in amplifier, the other is its slave. The built-in amplifier includes power in, speaker out, volume/input control, sub out, GND, USB, as well as the connectivity ports including RCA, 3.5mm line and optical. You can control the speakers via the built-in volume/input knob, or you can use the remote control that is also provided. The remote is RF, with the sensor on the front of the master speaker, so ensure you point and press!

The build quality is good, they have a good weight & feel to them, and I like the aesthetic of the speakers. The speakers are relatively compact & ‘cute’, yet they won’t feel swamped by any audio equipment or turntable located centrally between them. The controls & inputs to the rear are laid out well and easy to use.


Let’s look at the spec of the speakers and the connectivity options a little more. The speakers boast a woofer & tweeter within each speaker, offering 60-20KHz frequency for treble and bass, with a total power of 40W RMS per speaker. There are enough inputs to cover all areas, including Bluetooth, which will most likely be the most commonly used, but also something extra for vinyl users. The VA4 is equipped with switchable phono/analogue RCA inputs, making it very easy to plug your turntable in (phono pre-amp built in).

There is no set up required, just plug the master speaker into your local power socket, connect the two speakers together via the speaker cable and connect your music device to the speakers. I used both the Bluetooth feature and the 3.5mm line in. The Bluetooth was easy to set up, via the traditional way.

The VA4’s perform really well! The sound is rich, distinct and punchy, thanks to the woofer/tweeter combo. I tried a variety of genres with the speakers, from rock to smooth jazz and in both instances, it was very enjoyable. The speakers are easy to control, via the in-built knob or with the remote, though the remote control is a little clunky & cheap, but it’s functional and does the job. The speakers will more than carry you through your standard house party, thanks to a high, yet non-distorted volume.

Other noteworthy mentions: Optical in, so you can use this with a media player or your TV, and with the optional sub in, you could achieve a thumping’ly good 2.1 home cinema set up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t try out the phono pre-amp for vinyl, as that’s not my thing, but I’ve heard very positive things about the feature.

The Roth VA4’s impressed me a lot but when compared to some of its competitors around the £200 market, they kind of just get lost in the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good, but so are some of its competitors at a slightly lower price point.

For more info, visit the official Roth website!


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