What Can My Smartphone Do That I Wasn’t Aware Of?


85 per cent of those who took part in Deloitte’s seventh annual Mobile Consumer Survey either now own or have access to a smartphone. This works out at 41 million people. These figures demonstrate that there’s a lot of people around the country using smartphones. 55 per cent of them admitted to looking at their device within 15 minutes of waking up. For many, there will be so much more that they could be doing with their trusty gadgets that they may never have realised.

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You can still reply to texts even if your phone is locked!

If you pull down the location drawer on your phone, it gives you the option to swipe left on each notification which takes you directly to the text In question. From there, you will see a ‘Reply’ button — simply click this and you can text your reply without ever needing to unlock your phone.

In need a reminder? Siri Is able to remind you!

Ask Siri “remind me to read this text message later” and the intelligent personal assistant will give you a nice reminder at a more convenient time for you if you haven’t been able to reply to a text at that moment. This also applies to emails so long as they are accessed via Messages, Mail, Notes or Safari.

You’re able to view every photo that you’ve sent someone

Every photo and video sent between the two of you will be ready to access right there by simply open a messaging thread and hit the ‘Details’ button in the top right-hand corner. You don’t need to worry about scrolling through months or years of interactions just to find a photo or video that you either sent someone or received from them.

Location sharing

Save the hassle when trying to tell someone your location by hitting that same ‘Details’ button in a messaging thread and tapping ‘Send My Location’. Your friend or family member will know where you are in an instant.

If you would like someone to keep track of where you’re going, you can also try a similar method — just select ‘Share My Location’ instead of ‘Send My Location’ and then decide between sharing your location for the next hour, the entire day or until you say otherwise.

Undoing an action by shaking your phone

If you make an error while texting, writing an email or editing a photo on your iPhone, don’t panic. You can undo this by giving your smartphone a quick shake and you’ll get the handy option to undo typing to sort out your mistake quickly.

Android devices

Lock screen disabling

It would be a wise decision to lock your phone when you’re out and about to avoid any mistakes being made. There’s so much crucial data stored on our devices today, after all — but it seems more of a hassle once you’re comfortable in your own home. You can use Google’s Smart Lock feature by going to Settings > Security > Smart Lock and you can disable your smartphone’s lock screen but only when the device knows you’re in your humble abode.

Appointment viewing

Instead of having to jump constantly between apps, you can run them side-by-side or one above the other when you’re eager to text someone whilst on another app.

If you click the Overview button that is below your smartphone’s screen and selecting which apps you want to see. From there, hold the title bar of an app and drag if to either the top or left of your device’s display. Repeat with another app but place it on the bottom or right of the display this and suddenly multitasking will become so much easier!

Lost notifications? You can find them!

Fortunately, you can find notifications that you’ve lost when you swipe away one of the notifications on your smartphone when you’re in a rush.

Tap and hold it an empty portion of your devices home screen and pinch it. Screen-adjusting mode will be activated, whereby you need to select ‘Widgets’ and then locate the ‘Settings’ shortcut. Pop this shortcut icon into that earlier discover empty portion of your home screen and a list will appear. Select the ‘Notification log’ from this list and those notifications which you once swiped away will be there to view again.

How to prioritise your calls

The Do Not Disturb feature of your Android device such a handy feature when we don’t feel like talking. Find it by going to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb and you can filter any texts and call notifications that come through to your smartphone to only those that will be crucial.

There may be times when someone who you may not see as being an important contact at the time needs to urgently get in touch with you. Fortunately, the Do Not Disturb feature also includes a ‘Repeat Callers’ setting which will notify you if the same person tries to contact you at least twice in a 15-minute period.


If you have a Near Field Communication-enabled smartphone, Android Beam gives you the opportunity to exchange stuff like apps, photos, videos, music and contact details by simply tapping your phone with another NFC-enabled device. Simply tap what you want to send on your phone and it will instantly be transferred to the other device when they are connected.

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