Roth Audio Sub Zero lll Soundbar Review


Roth Audio produce bookshelf speakers and audio products, and we got sent their recently released soundbar, the Sub Zero lll. This soundbar is the third generation of its type and sounds like it could be a solid choice for anyone looking for a simple audio solution, without a separate subwoofer.

Tech spec:

  • 4x 2.75-inch 4 Ohm Ferrite Drivers
  • 2x Passive Radiator Bass Drivers
  • Wide Frequency Response 40-20,000Hz
  • 90 Watts Peak Output Power
  • HDMI x2, plus 1x HDMI output (ARC)
  • 3.5mm Analogue Stereo Connection
  • Optical SPDIF Format (Toslink compatible) – Stereo
  • Bluetooth aptX A2DP Audio
  • Auto dimming display

Open the box and the soundbar is protected at either end by polystyrene supports, which is good since the box looked a little battered to me when it arrived. The soundbar was in perfect condition, so must offer enough protection while in transit. Other than the soundbar, there is a remote control, power cable and instructions inside the box. The soundbar 85cm in length, has a black casing with a cloth grill covering the front of it. There is a digital display in the centre of the speaker, above a Roth logo. The display shows various information and has five buttons underneath it, to control the soundbar. Buttons include source, mode, volume up and down, and power. Don’t forget there is a remote control included, so no need to keep getting up to control the soundbar. On the back of the soundbar are the inputs/outputs and include three HDMI ports, one of which is a passthrough, an aux in, optical in and power in.

roth_3I really like the way it look. Some might say cloth grills are a little old hat, but I’m ¬†definitely into that vintage look. It’s easy to lift and move around. It does have feet on the bottom to help fight against unwanted vibrations but also has two hanging slots to the rear, so it can be hung on a wall quite easily. Build quality is average, the black casing feels a little cheap to the touch.

It’s easy to set up and there is plenty of choice when doing so. I set it up using the optical input, plugged straight into my PS4 so I could watch some movies with it. You can also use the HDMI ports and aux in if you want. This soundbar also has built-in Bluetooth, so it doesn’t just have to be for movies, you can hook your phone up to it and listen to your fave Spotify playlists. Controlling the soundbar was very easy with both the remote control and onboard buttons. Finding the correct source and changing the volume up and down was a breeze.


Performance wise, very good! The Sub Zero does not come with a separate subwoofer like some, but to be honest it’s not needed because the two bass drivers built in give out just enough bass to satisfy. The audio is crisp, rich and well rounded and vastly improves upon built-in TV speakers. I watched a bass heavy Transformers movie, a couple of episodes of Gotham via Netflix and some general BBC rubbish. In all instances, a very enjoyable sound experience. I did also connect my phone to it and listening to some Christmas music was very pleasant.

Overall, a decent soundbar that will easily improve your audio quality when compared to built-in TV speakers. When compared against some of the other soundbars on the market, I feel it’s quite mid range and is good value for money. If you are looking for a true cinematic sound experience, this soundbar will not be able to deliver that and everyone knows, 5.1 or greater is the only way to achieve this!

The Roth Sub Zero lll soundbar has a RRP £149.99. For further info and to purchase, visit the official Roth website or Richer Sounds.