V-TAC – The New LED Lighting Experts On The Block

When I look at home catalogues at all the showroom furniture, it makes me a little jealous. They look so pristine and clean-looking. And most of the time I’m drawn to one area; the lighting. There’s something about lights that I absolutely love, and the more futuristic looking, the better in my eyes.

I’ve been on the hunt for some decent looking lights to fill my cosy flat for a while now, and I’ve had very minor sucess.Probably due to the very small budget that I set myself to kit out my apartment, but still. I have a couple of LED lamps  I picked up from Ikea, and I love them. They look pretty awesome on my desk, but  I want more. And with the new energy-saving fads at the moment, LED seems the way to go.

Now I’ve noticed a brand that’s recently come alive called V-TAC. They’re an LED specialist company that specialise in funky looking LED lights for the home. Whether it’s floor standing, a desk lamp or ceiling panels, V-TAC has you covered.

LEDs are much cheaper to run on a year over year basis compared to your standard incandescent bulbs. For example, an incandescent bulb that shines at 450 lumens will use around 40w of power whereas an LED variant will run you around 6-9 watts of power. A massive reduction and of course the brighter the light, the more wattage is required. But know this, LEDs will save you a pretty penny on your next electricity bill.

V-TAC also offer a variety of features with their lights such as natural light modes, dimmable switches to set the mood of the environment and large light beam angles compared to an incandescent bulb. So what are you waiting for? Scrap your current lights and get yourself some V-TACs. You can find more information from their website.