Griffin Survivor Powerbank Review

There’s always a time when you’re out and about, want to update your Facebook status or tweet about the next viral video and would you look at that, your phone is dead. Know that scenario? Happens to me a lot. I’ve carried around portable chargers and powerbanks for a while now and most of them do give me that extra bit of crucial juice that I need to go on with my day. However, Griffin has just released their new 10,500mAh powerbank, the Griffin Survivor, so that should keep me going for a while.

The Giffin Survivor powerbank offers customers a fast 10W (2A) Micro-USB input to recharge the powerbank itself. The microUSB cable is included. There is also passthrough charging which enables you to charge the powerbank, if plugged into a source as well as a phone which would be plugged into the powerbank. If you’re somebody who only has one USB power source, like a mobile phone charger in the mains, then this is definitely something you should look at.

Now there is nothing really new about the Griffin Survivor, compared to other powerbanks on the market. And it certainly isn’t better than the ones we’ve looked at here at TechNuovo like the Besiter Eclipse or the PNY HD5000. What is appealing about the Survivor however is its design. It’s relatively smaller than other powerbanks, and of course offers you 10,500mAh of battery power. Secondly, it’s made from super tough rubber which has been drop tested up t0 6ft. I wouldn’t try that for yourself though, it’s just there for precaution.

The Griffin Survivor isn’t very big, and would fit quite comfortably in your hands along with a mobile phone. The ports are covered by a rubberised strip to give them extra protection if dropped. There is also an input for a proper DC charger, although I wouldn’t trust sticking something like that inside the powerbank as

The giant battery life could even give you the chance to recharge your tablet once, although no device is stated from Griffin’s “up to five charges” claim. I would take a guess that it would charge an iPhone or Samsung phone maybe up to three to four times, but it was very hard to test this and get an accurate result.

A handy tool attached to the Survivor is its torch. It uses the power of the internal battery to run, but it doesn’t take up much. The torch isn’t very bright, and at best, seems as if it’s been put there to keep up with the competition. If this is an important feature to you then check out the Besiter Eclipse. The battery charging indicator is a nice touch though, and it’s quite subtle, making the aesthetic of the Griffin Survivor quite appealing.

If you’re looking for a powerbank that would keep you charged a lot longer than most, or even something to keep in your pocket while you’re doing some extreme sports, then this is it. It is slightly more expensive than others, coming in at £49.99, but for the extra power, is more than worth the price. For more information, you can visit the Griffin website.