PNY Powerpack HD5000 Review

Ever been caught short with a dead mobile phone? Need to make an urgent phone call only to click the unlock button for nothing to happen? I have. Many times. And it’s so frustrating I feel like lobbing my phone across the room. Of course, that would be stupid, but come on, dead phones are the worst!

Thankfully PNY have recognised this issue and brought us the Power Pack HD5000, a small black box that’s capable of recharging your phone on the go. Thanks PNY.

pny hd5000 1

The HD5000 doesn’t weigh a thing, which is great for when you’ve got it in a bag. It’s built-in 5000mAh battery claims it can recharge a phone from dead three times. We put it to the test. I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge. It comes supplied with a micro USB cable which is handy. Saves me carrying my white Samsung one around.

A nice feature is the LED screen built into the battery pack. It shows you as a percentage how much juice is left inside. After one charge, from a dead battery to 100% on the phone I was left with around 70% left in the tank on the power pack. This is great, especially for travellers who haven’t got access to a plug all the time. It has two USB inputs on the top of the pack so two separate devices can charge simultaneously. The PNY HD5000 won’t last for three full charges of one device, the power was shared between them.

pny hd5000 2

Charging the unit I plugged it into my Samsung wall plug. It took a few hours to get to full capacity which I thought was quite good. An overnight charge would do the trick so it’s fresh for the next few days.

The PNY HD5000 is a great value power pack. I’ve found it from resellers for around £20-30. You can find out more information on the PNY website as well as links to resellers to grab your own.

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