Skull Candy are making waves within the budget headphone market with their new Uproar Wireless set of cans. The orange and black headphones can be found online for around £40 and are definitely worth the money.

The Uproar Wireless is mostly made from plastic which make them extremely light. Durability wise they bend a fair bit, but I wouldn’t want to drop them from head hight.

skull candy uproar wireless1

The pads on the ear cups make these pretty comfortable to wear. They are on-ear headphones meaning they will sit on top of you ear lobes and not fully submerge the ear. Noise isolation however is still pretty decent as they do hug your head somewhat.

One thing I’m not keen on about the Skull Candy Uproar Wireless is the fact I don’t have the choice to use them wired. Yes I know they are intended for wireless purposes, and yes I know there is a cabled version, but still, 90% of wireless headphones we’ve tried out in the past have had a cable feature.

skull candy uproar wireless2

That isn’t to say these headphones are bad though, for the price they’re still pretty good. What happens if I run out of battery and will not be home for the rest of the day to charge? I’m stuffed. I don’t want to carry two pairs of headphones with me.

Where these headphones shine though is the sound quality. There is a heavy focus on the bass frequencies that can make your music really pack a punch. The highs and mids are crystal clear too which is surprising. I would have thought the bass would have overpowered the rest of the music, but nope, they’re pretty well-rounded.

skull candy uproar wireless3

For people into softer music such as classical, I probably wouldn’t recommend these, simply because of the bass. But they do bring a different listening experience to softer music.

The controls are extremely simple. There is a connection button plus volume up and down on the right ear cup. They’re nice and big too so you won’t be fumbling around the back of your head to accurately press a button.

skull candy uproar wireless5

I was pleasantly surprised with the Skull Candy Uproar Wireless. I keep saying it but they’re a great price for the quality of music you get out of them. They look pretty stylish too. They’re not too big either so you don’t have to worry about standing out in a crowd. You can find more information and purchase the headphones directly from the Skull Candy website.

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