Lexar DD512 External SSD Review

Lexar, the sister company to Crucial Memory has just released a new external solid-state drive. The device known as the D512 has a storage capacity of 512GB, imagine that. It also advertises a 450mb/s transfer speed. Lexar sent us one to have a look at, and for myself who has stuck with standard USB 2.0 external hard drives, this has made a huge difference to my working life.

lexar d512 external ssd2

The Lexar D512 SSD is tiny, and extremely light thanks to its lack of hard drive and moving parts. Think of it as a giant memory stick. The drive is housed inside a small black box with a light system on the front of it. On the rear you will find the connection port for the USB 3.0. The lights on the front indicate how much storage you have left on the drive. A handy tool for quick glances at the box if it’s a permanent feature of your desk.

Transfer speeds are the highlight here. It’s advertised with a transfer speed of 450mb/s with a write speed of 245mb/s. That’s quick. However, when testing the SSD I found that I was getting nowhere near that. I ran a benchmark through Flash Bench, the results are below. The results were collated collecting to my USB 3.0 port on my desktop. I turned on the Better Performance policy too to try to give it some kind of boost to the transfer speed.

lexar d512 benchmark 1

Now I’m not too sure what is going on, unfortunately I can’t comment too highly on the transfer speeds as they are nowhere near the advertised 450mb/s. However, the device is still much faster than using my traditional external hard drives through USB 2.0 and even 3.0.

lexar d512 external ssd3

The Lexar D512 is a neat package, and one that I would recommend to people needing something for a quicker file transfer than their traditional external hard drives or memory sticks. It’s very competitively priced at around £120 as well which is cheaper than some of the other options on the market at the moment. Oh, and its size is brilliant for transporting around in a laptop bag. You can find more information directly from the Lexar website as well as information on whre to buy.

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