House Of Marley Positive Vibrations Headphones Review


You may have heard of House of Marley before, with their connections to the legend himself, Bob Marley. They produce headphones and speakers, amongst other things and are a very sustainable, charity orientated company. We got sent a pair of their headphones, the Positive Vibrations to check out, so let’s get stuck in!

The headphones come in a brown cardboard box, with images and content on the front and back. It gives a very organic and recycled feel too it, which, as I understand, is a key factor to HoM’s business ethos. The headphones come in a variety of finishes, some plain such as black and others more exciting, with vibrant colours and patterns. I must also add that these are made from earth friendly materials. What does that mean? It means HoM use recycled aluminum for their headphones and recycled cardboard for their packaging. Great stuff!


The headphones themselves are very comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to suit your head by sliding each ear piece up or down. They feel secure when on and the over head band is soft and comfortable. I haven’t worn the headphones for an excessive amount of time but during the times I have worn them, I haven’t felt the need to take them off or adjust them due to tightness and I haven’t been left with red marks on my head. Build quality and finish is very good.


I plugged the headphones into my iPhone and listened to a few of my favorite tracks, as well as some chart tunes. They sound great and did the music I listened to some justice. There is a good mix of treble and bass to keep me happy and they can get pretty loud. These are not noise cancelling headphones but they do isolate the external noise a little. The headphones come with an inline microphone and button, so you can talk on the phone while wearing them. The length of the cable is good and I was able to keep my phone in my jean pocket without a problem.

Overall, very decent headphones from House of Marley and with an RRP of £49.99; not a bad price. I have however seen these for much lower than this, nearing on 50% less which is an absolute steal! For further information and to purchase, visit the official House of Marley website.

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