iON SnapCam LE Review

With action cams getting smaller and smaller, it was no surprise that this little gem popped up on the market. The SnapCam LE is a tiny camera coming in at 4cm x 4cm x 1.2cm (H x W x D). So very small indeed. However the camera does pack a punch in terms of the recording department.


The action cam has three different modes available to use which are differentiated by colour coding surrounding the power button. The first is a green single/burst shot mode which takes some decent quality eight megapixel images. The burst setting can take up to 30 photos every three seconds, so very quick, and gives you a chance to pick the best of the bunch.

The second mode is an amber time-lapse setting, which takes a photo every one second as default. You can change this in the app which is free to download from Android Play or Apple’s App Store. By the way, the app is very easy to connect to the device using Bluetooth or WiFi if available.

ion snapcam le 3

The third and final mode that most of you will probably use the camera for is a red video mode. Using the app again you can set the camera to record at 1080p 30fps or step down to 720p to get a 60fps video. Great for slow motion stuff to create some funky first-person footage. If you’d like to check out the camera’s quality, there is a video at the top of the page. There is a 120˚ angle field of view as well to capture as much as possible in the frame.

I was surprised by the quality of the SnapCam LE. For its size it’ll definitely give the big boys like GoPro a run for their money. The only thing lacking is a screen on the rear of the device, but I suppose that’ll hike the price right up, and coming in at the moment at £179.99, it seems pretty fair to me.

ion snapcam le 5

Some great things included are a couple of mounts for the cam. One of the mounts is for tripods or selfie sticks with a screw hole in the bottom, and the second is for clipping to your clothes. I haven’t been told about additional accessories, but there may be some to grab in the future such as car mounts and body straps for sports.

I loved the iON SnapCam LE, and would definitely recommend it over other similarly priced action cam on the market. Unfortunately because of the lack of screen, I can’t put it in the category of a GoPro, but still, for the price and quality, you’re not going to go wrong with this. You can find out more information on the iON website and purchase one for yourself direct.