Are We Addicted?

How many times do you look at your phone throughout the day? A lot I bet. Skimming social posts to find that funny picture that happened last night, seeing if your favourite celebrity has retweet you, countless WhatsApp messages making your phone vibrate; the list goes on. We’re addicted to them. I will let you know now, each figure below is taking into consideration a 17 hour day.

But did you know that an average smart phone user spends up to 12% of their working hours staring at a 5″ screen? Well Direct Line Home Insurance has found some very interesting statistics about how we use our mobile phones.

The average Brit touches their smart phone every four minutes. We also interact with our phones up to 253 times a day. Why the hell are they so important? It was also logged that smart phone users literally just open and close apps because they can’t put down their phones. There is one group of apps however that are definitely to blame… SOCIAL NETWORKING!

addicted 2

24% of our daily phone uses goes to social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. In second place you can find voice calls at 13%.

Katie Lomas, head of Direct Line Home Insurance, commented: “This study really does show how attached our customers are to their smartphones, as users constantly dip in and out of apps, checking for updates even when at work.  We increasingly rely on our phones to be a personal assistant – providing directions, reminding us of birthdays, handling our banking needs – the list is endless.

“Customers are so reliant upon their smartphones that we’ve designed our home insurance policies so these devices can be replaced as quickly as possible if they are damaged or stolen.  People can either claim for a replacement device or for the cost of the item if they wish to upgrade to the latest handset or replace it themselves.”

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