Urbanista Nightrunner Earphones Review

Urbanista is a Swedish audio brand focusing on bringing high quality products straight to the younger generations. They’ve sent me a set of their new Nightrunner in-ear earphones to test out.

What stands out straight away is the focus on fitness nad health. They’ve used a reflective cable shrouds so you can go jogging during darker periods and still be seen. It would also be useful for people who commute using bikes.

urbanista 3

The earphone part of the Urbanista Nightrunners is very solid. They’re slightly on the larger side, however, there are different rubber ear cups that are able to be attached. There is also a hook type thing coming off of the ear bud for a more snug and secure fit. It actually worked really well. I took them on a run and neither earphone ever fell out.

They do fit quite snug however I would have liked to have had a little bit more isolation in the ear buds, meaning there were gaps around my ear lobe that wasn’t covered by headphone, even while using the larger ear buds.

Half way down the right earphone there is a control box for answering phone calls. There is also a built-in microphone so you could use them with any Android or iOS device for taking calls.

urbanista 2

Music quality is a highlight here. It is superb, and definitely one of the better headphones we have tried at this price point. Bass frequencies do pack a punch, although the better noise isolation I feel would make this stronger. The highs and mid tones are also very clear, giving a nice all around immersive feel to your music.

Overall the Urbanista Nightrunner earphones are built to a high quality standard and sound pretty good for headphones at this price point. You can find out more information on the Urbanista website. They are currently retailing at around £39.99 for the Rio tangle free version or £59.99 for the wireless Boston Bluetooth version.