Besiter Eclipse 2 Power Bank Review

In a vast digital world, where everyone now seems to have some kind of smart device, you’ll notice that the plugs in places like Starbucks and your local library are all probably in use too. People need to stay connected, and thanks to our smartphones, that’s now possible 100% of the time. Unless your phone has a dead battery of course. For all of you who are constantly out and about, for leisure or work purposes, the Besiter Eclipse 2 Power Bank has you covered.


The Besiter Eclipse 2 stands at around 11×5 cm with a 2cn depth so it’s pretty small, and able to fit into most pockets along with your smart phone. The main body is housed in a pure white plastic with a mirrored surface for the top section. It looks pretty smart and would work alongside any newer smartphone, if vanity in this sort of product is your thing.

On the top of the device, the mirrored section you can find a digital display which lets you know how much battery is left in the power bank which is a nice touch. On top you will find the microUSB charging port and two standard USB sockets so you can charge two different devices at the same time. There is an included short flat USB cable that doubles up as a charging cable for the power bank and also a device.


Down one side of the white section you will find something that I’ve not actually seen in a power bank before, and that’s an LED torch which turns on as soon as you flick it out.

Inside the Besiter Eclipse 2 is a 5000MAh battery which is enough to get around one full charge, maybe a little bit more at a push out of it. I managed to charge my Samsung S6 from dead to full and still had a little bit of life left in the power bank so that was really impressive. There are a handful of power banks on the market with double the capacity like the Xiomi for example, but of course you pay the price. There’s even a 7,500mAh version of the Besiter Eclipse available too.



For a sleek looking power bank that can hold a decent enough charge for a day trip away, the Besiter Eclipse 2 is definitely worth a look. Retailing at around £15 as seen on some online vendors, it makes it for a decent budget power bank. For more information, please visit the Besiter website.