Sugru Rebel Tech Kit Review

When I was six I useds to play with something called Playdough. You’ve probably heard of it? Gross rubbery like gunk that you squish together to make objects. Well, that’s the premise although I usually used to just make huge balls multicoloured balls out of it. I was a creative child. But to be honest with you, the Sugru Rebel Tech Kit is no different, albeit the instruction book showing you all the cool things you can make out of it.


The Sugru Rebel Tech Kit is a way of being able to repair those niggly problems you may be having such as frayed cables or improve the tech you have already by making them work better. Their words, not mine. However, they’re pretty true. After getting some hands on time with the Sugru, it’s made me like it even more.

First off, the Tech Kit is all about creativity. It’s a way of making life easier for yourself by hacking the tech in your current home. For example, I followed their instructions and made myself a headphone clip for the side of my desk so I didn’t have to keep hanging them on the top of my monitor. I’ve also tested it out on my phone by moulding a case so it doesn’t break when I drop it. I also put it on my XBox One controller joysticks for a bit more grip. Oh, and it’s waterproof so it can be used for things outside in the rain such as cracks in your gutter.


It’s actually aimed at anyone: from kids to teens, adults to elders. Everyone has something they need to fix or other things to hack. And for as little as £10 as a starting price, it’s definitely a decent product to invest in if there are problems with your tech. Start getting creative now by visiting the Sugru website.

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