Wowzr X-Dream Plus Review

We hadn’t heard of Wowzr before but we never let an opportunity go to try out a new brand. Wowzr primarily produce portable speakers and power banks, amongst a few other things and we got sent the X-Dream Plus, a power bank and portable speaker, all in one. It’s sitting on my desk and first impressions are positive, so let’s check it out.

So the X-Dream Plus is both a portable speaker (not Bluetooth) and also a 3000mAh power bank. It will work with any device that has a 3.5mm headphone port and should power your iPhone 6 by up to 120%. Impressive!

The product comes well packaged, with a magnetic flap on the front, enabling you to see the item before you buy. Within the box is the speaker/power bank itself, along with a USB cable for charging and also a handy carry case to protect it. Nice!


The surround is metal, stainless steel with plastic tips either end. The tips come in four colours: blue, green, white and orange which allow you to personalise it a little. One end is perforated, which is the speaker end, and the other end has the headphone jack and USB port, hidden behind a discrete swivel end piece. There is also a tiny bass port next to the USB port for added oomph. There are four small indicator lights on the top, which indicate battery level which is key with powerbanks. Overall it looks and feels really smart. I love the way the headphone jack swivels out and it’s relatively lightweight and portable.

x_dream_2 Before I turn it on, let’s check out some of its features:

  • 3000mAh Samsung Lithium Battery – Charges your smartphone by 70 – 150% battery.
  • Rear acoustic port for deeper bass
  • Apple/Android Compatible
  • Universal headphone jack
  • Auto on/off
  • 12 months warranty

Charging the powerbank is very easy. Simply plug the provided USB cable into your wall socket direct, or with an adapter, which isn’t provided and watch the indicators fill from one to four. Using the powerbank is even easier! Simply plug your device charging cable into the power bank and your device and watch the battery life increase. I tested the charge capabilities on my iPhone 6, from completely dead and without me using it, I nearly got a complete charge of my phone (92%). That’s not bad at all, given the size of the battery is quite small. It’s in keeping with similar sized products on the market and will easily give you that extra boost when on the go.

Sound quality wise it’s pretty good considering its size. It is far superior than your in-built phone speakers. It’s relatively loud and does fill a small room, but wouldn’t be able to handle party environments as it does lose a little of its quality at higher volumes. A neat feature about the X-Dream is that when you plug the jack into your phone, it automatically acts as a stand which is great for watching videos.

Overall, I found the X-Dream Plus a handy companion on the go. Its powerbank is enough to keep me going for a day if needed and the speaker is a handy bonus. I would use the speaker when out and about, and on the move. It currently retails at £27.99 and I feel that’s about the right price point for this kind of product.

For further info and to purchase, visit the official Wowzr website.