The Pure Move T4 is a pocket-sized DAB+/FM rechargeable radio, with bluetooth connectivity and built in speaker. Some might say portable radio’s are a dying breed, but Pure does’nt seem to think so! While in the box, the Move T4 looks very portable, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or in your pocket. Let’s find out how well it performs!

– DAB+ & FM radio
– 22hr playback from rechargable battery
– 2″ Colour TFT screen
– Built in speaker, plus headphone port
– Bluetooth connectivity, so you can link your smartphone.
– Alarm clock, sleeper time and 20 presets.

In the box you get the Move T4, a micro USB charging cable (no plug adapter), user manual and warranty details. How longs that warranty? 3 years. The speaker itself is light, compact, yet feels incredibly well constrcuted. It comes in two finishes, black & grey or white & rose gold. It look’s great, It’s a good size, ideal for on the go music, it will fit in your pocket or bag easily and the choice of two colour schemes is a nice touch. The screen size is big enough, the buttons are responsive and in good positions. The lock button on the right hand side is a handy feature.


On the front of the speaker is the speaker grille, 2″ TFT colour screen and four preset buttons. On top is the controls, select, left & right, plus a menu button. On the right hand side the volume up & down buttons, plus the power on/off button, which also can be used as a lock function (prevents button pushing while in your pocket). The left hand side has a headphone port, plus a micro USB port and extendable aerial to the rear.

There was no set up required for the Move T4 we recieved, perhaps because it was a review copy, but in any case, there is an autotune option within the menu’s to get you set up. I forgot about the aerial at first and quite frankly, it’s rather unsightly when erect. DAB wise it wasnt required, in my area anyway but switching to FM I did have to use it. Other options available include switching between DAB/FM/Bluetooth connections, sleep timer, audio settings (equaliser & tone), display settings (info, duration & brightness), 2No. alarms & timer, plus power saving and factory reset options. The menus and selecting items within said menu is very easy, using the select & left/right buttons located on the top of the speaker.

Performanc wise, the sound quality is excellent, for the size and type of speaker this is. The speaker itself is only packing 4W but thanks to the sound options, you can achieve a very rich and punchy sound. Volume wise it gets loud enough for personal listening, or between a small group of people around a table, this is not suitable for anything more i.e. party mode. The quality remains at the higher volumes.

Overall, I really like the Pure Move T4, I even like the white & rose gold finish. It’s ideal for on the go radio music, both for headphones and via the in built speaker. The battery life is on point, I didnt quite reach the 22 hours but over several days in the office, I didnt chagre it once. The RRP is ¬£99.99, which is a little steep but you are paying for the quality. Would I buy one? Probably not, as I dont listen to the radio and you can get cheaper bluetooth speakers with the same, if not better quality audio. Would I buy one for my dad or even my grandad, who enjoys the radio stations & talk shows, most defiantly!

For more info, visit the official Pure website.

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