GoPro HERO6 VS Akaso EK7000


Action cameras are some of the most popular devices nowadays. They can be used to record while performing extreme sports. Also, these devices have amazing video and image quality. This is why they can be used to film action movies. No matter the purpose, action cameras are amazing devices. They are compact and can be attached to mounts on helmets and bikes.

In this article, we are going to compare one of the most renowned action cameras, GoPro Hero6 Black with a great camera which manages to compete with GoPro and have a smaller price. Here, you can find more about GoPro and Akaso EK7000 like their features and specs, and their accessories.

General information

Both Akaso EK7000 and GoPro Hero6 are great action cameras that can shoot 4K. Of course, there are a lot of differences between these two. While the GoPro Hero 6 comes with more features, it also comes with a higher price. Akaso camera has a budget-friendly price but it can’t shoot 4K at 60 fps like the Hero 6. Also, according to Creative Photo Connect, Akaso EK7000 battery life (90 minutes) is better than the one of GoPro Hero6 Black (50 minutes).

Features and Specs

The features and specs are the most important things for an action camera. When it comes to the general specs, the frame rate is an essential aspect. Akaso EK7000 can shoot 4K, 2.7K, and 1080p. Unfortunately, it can shoot 4K at 25fps. In comparison, Go Pro can shoot 4K at 60fps and 1080 at 240fps.

Both of these cameras can be used underwater. While the Akaso EK7000 can be used at 100 feet underwater with a special housing included in the original package. On the other hand, the GoPro can go underwater without a housing but only 10 meters.

When it comes to the best features, the GoPro stands out because of its electronic image stabilization which is now available for 4K/30fps. The Akaso camera, however, has an ultra wide-angle lens. This makes it easier to capture anything you like in a single photo.

The battery life is another important spec. While Akaso can record for 90 minutes with its 2 rechargeable batteries, the GoPro has a low battery life of less than 60 minutes. This might not be enough time to record everything you need.


Memory and Connectivity

Both of these cameras have Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a special app. When it comes to the app, GoPro tends to win because their app can automatically edit the videos. On the other hand, the Akaso camera comes with remote control. This means that you can start or stop recording without even touching the camera.

While both of these cameras have SD cards slots, none of them have built-in memory. Also, the Akaso camera comes with an SD card while for the Go Pro camera you need to purchase one yourself. Apart from this, both of these cameras have great Wi-Fi connectivity and user-friendly apps.

Video and Image Quality

As we mentioned earlier, both of these cameras can record 4K. Unfortunately for the Akaso, GoPro can record 4K at 60fps which is the best video quality available on the market. Akaso can only record in 4K at 25fps. GoPro stands out because of the image stabilization sensor. This helps you record videos while on the move without getting blurry frames.

When it comes to image quality, both Akaso and GoPro Hero 6 can capture 12Mp still photos. This means that both of them have great image quality. The autofocus is best for beginners because it helps them capture a still photo without any problems.

Design, Shape, and Size

These things are also important to check out before you purchase an action camera. Most of these cameras are very small and compact. The GoPro Hero6 looks exactly like the Hero 5 and this has an advantage. All of the accessories used for Hero 5 can be used with Hero6 as well. The Hero6 comes with a 2-inch display and the camera weights about 115g.

Akaso EK7000 has a similar design and it is even lighter than the Go Pro. With only 75grames, this camera is more than portable. Because of the box-like shape, this camera is easy to mount on a bike stand or on a helmet.


Both of these devices are great action cameras that can shoot in 4K. The biggest difference between them is the price. While Akaso EK7000 has good features with a small price (less than $100), GoPro Hero 6 has more features, including image stabilization sensor but with a very expensive price (about $400). These devices are compact, lightweight and come with waterproof housings.

When you purchase Akaso EK7000 you will also receive a lot of additional accessories like a helmet mount and a bike stand. On the other hand, GoPro Hero6 doesn’t come with additional accessories and you will have to purchase yourself. All in all, if you want a great action camera but you are on a budget go for the Akaso. If you want an advanced camera with amazing features and money is not a problem, pick a GoPro Hero6.

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