Lavazza Tiny Coffee Maker Review

lavazza tiny coffee machine

I love  my coffee right? Every morning when I wake up, drive to work, the first thing I do is go to the kitchen and pour myself a nice steaming cup of Joe. Traditional of course. We only have a kettle and some coffee powder.

But not any more as we’re checking out a coffee machine from Lavazza. Now I’m not actually sure what this machine is called, what the model number is I mean. It’s small, and takes up minimal surface area on a kitchen counter. Perfect.

But this machine seems to be a bit of a phantom online, with the only retailer I could find it being sold at is Tesco. They brand it as the Lavazza Tiny Coffee Machine, but I’m sceptical. It doesn’t seem to do all types of coffee, so no lattes or cappuccinos here. Instead, you’re going to be treated to a lovely blend of espressos.

lavazza tiny coffee machine

It’s not all bad though, as you could potentially add your own milk and sugar if you wanted to weaken them down to your tastes, but as they are, the coffee that comes out of the Lavazza Tiny Coffee Machine is strong.

The whole machine is built pretty well, with it relying on a one button operation on top to dispense the water through the system. Water heats up as it’s dispensed and gets very hot. The area where you put your cups is very small, perfect for an espresso type shot, but not great if you got traditional sized mugs lying around. You can see the operation of the machine over on our YouTube channel for demonstration.

lavazza tiny coffee machine

One feature I think it is missing though due to its manual operation is some kind of indicator on how much water is needed for each pod. Like the Eclipse we checked out a little white ago, you told the machine that you need this much water as you’re using it with this particular pod. Nothing like that here, instead Lavazza lets you do the guess work.

But apart from that one downfall, there’s not much to say that’s wrong with the phantom Lavazza Tiny Coffee Machine. The pods are pretty cheap too, coming in at around £4 – 5 for 16 capsules. If you would like more information I would usually direct you to the manufacturer website, but as it’s not present on there, check out our video below instead.


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