Ok, so this isn’t an official survival kit put together by PNY but, by putting these few nifty gadgets in your backpack when you go on your festival journeys, you will get the most out of your mobile phone.

You need to plan how you’re going to get to the festival and chances are, by car will be one of the options. This is where the PNY Magnet Car Vent Mount becomes very handy! This is a phone holder that can be fixed into one of your car’s ventilation grills and is incredibly discreet, unlike some nasty cheap versions with the large grips either side or top and bottom, you know the ones? Eurgh! It’s incredibly easy to install and of course, instructions are included. But in brief, simply stick the metal plate onto the back of your phone or case, secure the holder into the air vent, screw into place and stick your phone to it! It works using a fairly powerful magnet which secures your phone to the clamp on the air vent. It works really well and secured my iPhone in place while driving several miles. You can pick the holder up for between £15 and £20.

pny_mountIf you’ve driven to the festival and used your phone as a sat nav, you will probably notice that your battery has drained a fair bit. Sure, you could park up and charge your phone via your car, but where’s the fun in that?! Instead, you need the PNY Powerpack ALU 2500. This is a super sleek, credit card size power bank, that will help keep your phone alive for that little bit longer. It uses a 2500mAh battery, which they say will completely charge your phone from 0 to 100% but does depend on which phone you have. It took me a couple of hours to fully charge the powerbank and it takes about 45 minutes to fully charge my iPhone. I managed to get one full charge of my iPhone 6 out of the power bank. There are other power banks on the market that will fully charge your phone more than once but they are big, clunky and heavy. The PNY is not and is perfect for your travels. The powerbank currently retails at a mere £14.99 which is a steal!

pny_powerbankYou obviously need a cable to charge your phone via the powerbank and that’s where the PNY Apple Lightning Cable (1.2m) comes into play. This is the Apple Lightning version, used with iPhones 5 and onwards but PNY do also offer Android cables too. What’s there to say, it is just a cable to connect one to the other but this is a little better quality than your standard cable. The cable is braided and has a metallic finish, which not only helps with tangles but looks smart too! The cable comes in 1.2m length which is fairly standard but more than enough to keep the powerbank in your pocket and phone in hand.  The cable currently retails at £11.99.

pny_cableNow that your phone is full of juice, it’s time to start having some fun and making memories, it’s time to start taking some videos and photos! The PNY 4 in 1 Lens Kit helps you create even better photos. Four lenses are included in the kit: a Super Wide Angles, Fisheye (always a fave), Wide Angle and Macro. Each lens has its own purpose and with the four, you really can take some great snaps. Imagine the photo you could get of the festival stage with the super wide angle lens! This is a universal lens kit, so it will work with any phone, thanks to its three different mounting options. Firstly we have the magnetic clip, which you simply attach to your phone and pop the lens on. There is also a mounting plate for iPhones and magnetic rings for phones such as Samsung and HTC. Whichever option you choose, you simply insert the lens to the mount, with its powerful magnet and start snapping. The kit comes in a nice protective case and each lens comes with its own cover. I had alot of fun trying these lenses out! They currently retail for £36.99 but at the time of writing, I’ve seen Amazon have them for just £14.99! Absolute steal!

pny travel kit 2

So there we have it, a handy and very portable group of products to help on your festival journeys! Grab what you need and have fun this summer! For further info, visit the official PNY website.