AvP Venom VE10 Case Review

Some people like ’em small, some people like ’em towering. And we have a pretty big one here. OK, so the AvP Venom VE10 may not be the world’s biggest, but it would be hard to understand why you would need anything bigger. Let’s start with those sizes. It is 190mm wide, 504mm tall and 490mm deep and yet it weighs under six kilos.

AvP Venom VE10 5

It looks stunning. Ours was the black version, but there is also a white, and from the picture on the side of the box looks great, but let’s stick with this one. The look is great – I like the mix of matt and piano blacks, a bit like an Xbox One fascia. On top there is a smoked black window – lovely idea. Inside is all black, even including the standoffs which were already in place. The Venom takes all the common motherboards and has plenty of drive space.

It seems opticals are falling out of favour, but for those who do still use them, there is room for three. Then there are the four slots for 3.5 inch drives and three 2.5 inch drives – all toolless  The hard drive cages face out, so you would install with the cables facing in – keep it neat.

AvP Venom VE10 2

Plus there are seven expansion card slots, so twin double width graphics cars are fine, plus say a wireless card or perhaps a USB hub. The AvP Venom VE10 will take a graphics card up to290mm

Loads of cooling options are available on all sides, including the bottom, as you might expect, including the possibility of liquid cooling and radiators.  Lots of room for cable management in there too with some space behind the motherboard and slots galore. One missing slot was one for the four pin CPU plug – that is routed over the top of the memory sticks.

AvP Venom VE10 1

Bottom loading power supply means the centre of gravity is kept low and there is a nice big slot to immediately take all those wires out back before connecting. It comes fitted with a rear fan and single front fan. But options here are huge for a decent custom job.

Little thing, but on the main frame, just above the side window are three countersunk screw holes. That is a nice touch, like the tiny rubbed ‘foot’ on the bottom frame rail to dull any chance of the side panel vibrating.

AvP Venom VE10 3

The AvP Venom VE10 will inevitably end up on the floor, so the switches are on top, with a pair of USB2 sockets and one USB3. There is nothing to dislike about this case – it is well made with lots of rolled edges and the design is spot on. It really does look like a high end case, but someone like Ebuyer currently has them for just under £33. That is an extraordinary bargain. It is an excellent job, especially considering its price.

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