For the Vax Dual Power Pro Carpet Cleaner, I decided to do something a little different for my testing. Here at the TechNuovo HQ we don’t have the luxury of being able to walk around on soft carpeted flooring. I know, major planning fail right? So I decided to palm the cleaner off on to various members of my family to compare and contrast their findings for a more accuraite review. Here is what they said below.

First off, they all said it was extremely easy to put together. As they have never used a carpet cleaner before they compared them to older vacuum cleaners. Parts slotted together well and felt very substantial when using. Nothing felt as if it was going to break easily like some cheaper vacuums.

vax dual power pro carpet cleaner 2

The included instructions were clear for the most part. However they did mention that it would have been useful if the solutions lid was marked with a measurement line to make it easier when pouring in the cleaning solution.

The pre treatment wand and hose hose was a favourite as it was nice and long to reach up the stairs. Connection seemed stiff at first, maybe because it was a brand new item, but overall the experience with this was great and worked as expected.

The Spin Scrub tool seemed puzzling in a sense that the spin seemed ineffective. When used on a carpet the spin stopped working. As there was no mention of this, it was assumed that using it on carpet was correct.

The Vax Dual Power Pro Carpet Cleaner was mainly tested in a bedroom with a lot of make-up stains on the carpet. Mascara was the main culprit. All stains came out, with a few needing a second time over just to really lift the marks.

vax dual power pro carpet cleaner 3

Even cleaning the hoover was easy. They mentioned that having an extra tool to remove dirt and hairs from the brushes may have been useful rather than getting your hands stuck in. But this in more of a personal hygeine element, which they felt some people may have a problem with.

Overall, the product was great. It was light and easy to move around. The included accessories bag is a nice touch as it keeps all the tools together to save them getting misplaced in the house.

They told me that for people looking for a carpet cleaner, then this is definitely an option that would suit.

For more information, then please visit the Vax website to find out more.