Computer cases are all the same, right? Nope, not even close. But they do all tend to follow one tradition – one large enclosure. Not so these days. Now if you don’t have two, you are nowhere. And that make so much sense. And that also brings to the new Hyperion from AvP.

avp hyperion case 1

So let’s start with the worst aspect of this case right at the start, but don’t get me wrong – I love this case. There is no window. There, I have said it. By far the most annoying thing about the modern PC is the wires. At best they can look all stringy, and at worst, a complete rat’s nest.

avp hyperion case 2

That is because everything is in the same enclosure. By having two side by side means you can stick the unsightly power supply behind the ‘firewall’, along with the drives, hard and optical. Yes, this case has room for a full side DVD drive – see, some people still have a use for them.

Anyway, with the wires all in the ‘back’ enclosure, just the motherboard sits up ‘front’, and that is where the crying shame is. Without a window, you can gaze lovingly upon all that non-wiryness especially as the whole thing inside is painted black. Lots of cut-outs to feed cables through and no sharp edges. Perhaps AvP can include one in their next version of this stylish cube design – or just leave the side off. Not really.

avp hyperion case 3

Now some specs for the EV33B.  It will take a 30cm graphics card, and processor coolers standing 12cm high. The front has all the usual bits you’d expect with one USB2 and one USB3. The case itself is a strange shape. A conventional mini tower could maybe sit behind a monitor and a full tower is better on the floor. As this is 255mm wide, you will need a little extra room behind that monitor and at 300mm tall and 354mm deep, the floor seems the wrong place for it.

It weighs 2.7kg, take a mico ATX motherboard and as well as that DVD bay, there is slots for one 3.5 drive and one 2.5 drive and plenty of fans all over the place, and you should be able to fit liquid cooling. It easily takes a conventional ATX power supply. With hard drives now hitting 6TB, you hardly need more. If you do, you have too much stuff.

avp hyperion case 4

This is a no frills case, but the design is brilliant, and it is soooo cheap – generally under £30 at the time of writing. Ebuyer had it at under £22. I like this case – lots of room inside and those two separate enclosures surely is the way to go. Just needs a nice big window to show off the novel design.


Written by Chris Murphy

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